October 10, 2006

I´ll be back, I promise

Sorry for not posting the last 10 days, but I got so much going on (in fact my big mouth got me in so much non blog-related work) that I don´t have the time to post. I´ll also be away in Berlin for the next 5 days so not much time for Bollywood until next week. Take care and see you all next week :-)


Maja said...

Berlin! *jealous* I really love Berlin.
Has it been 10 days already? I can't keep tracking of time any more, I can't believe how fast it's been going these last couple of weeks :o (and YET the Don premiere is still more than a week away. I will never understand the laws of physics)

Have fun :)

Maja said...

PS. here's something to welcome you back :DD

sanjay jha said...

we will wait for you.
good luck for the trip,

Maja said...

PPS. (I promise I'll stop now) You've been tagged!