January 16, 2008

Tashan Teaser. Ok. Ek aur chance.

Sanni, high-priestess of the cult of Sakshay, over at ..so they dance! already did a preview. But since the best thing on the Aaja Nachle DVD was the Teaser for Tashan I though that I don´t want to keep from you what might come to a cinema near you in April 2008

There´s this gal..

and that guy..

but the thing that puts my mind into overdrive is the highly explosive combo of this guy..

and that guy..

back together in one movie. Yeehaaaa!
Finally. The reunion I´ve been waiting for soooo long. Please. Please. Please. Please give them 90% of shared screen time. I know the chances are high that YRF blows even a surefire instant classic like that one. But its the debut of Vijay Krishna Acharya (the writer for such elaborate films as Dhoom and D:2) as a director. So there is a ray of hope. Sure, I don´t believe we will be getting anything along the immortal ranks of Keemat..

..but a girl can hope. Hain Naa?
So YRF. Aapke paas ek aur chance hai. Malum hai ki chance kam hai, lekin hai.

And just because they are there and I cant let two nice screenshots like that go to waste, here, two more:


Anonymous said...

I just watched the teaser and OMG I am loving Akshay so much right now!

Beth said...

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaif! Yay! This is going to be fantastic (or else).

Anonymous said...

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Sameera said...

Movie is looking gr8 from teaser.

Sanni said...

Amen, sister. I've run into hints of the storyline in various places (mostly Bollywhat's Tashan thread) and none of them seem to guarantee me the Sakshay galore I want. And it's a great irony that for once, movies like MKTA and Keemat are actually setting the bar *high* for a big budget YRF film to follow.

I disagree with Anil in the trailer that first impress = last impression, but I sincerely hope that since my first impression was "YAY SAKSHAY HOT YAY!", that will be my last impression about the movie, as well.

Beth said...

Just found a site that's copying both your and my posts. JERKS

Bollywood said...

Can't wait to see the film!

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Anonymous said...

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