November 23, 2008

Dostana. High gloss. Little brain. Bahut mast.

So there are those two hot Indian ladke in Miami Beach and both are looking for a nice place to stay. The perfect location would be rooms in an apartment owned by this beautiful fashion magazine editor. Only, her auntyji rightfully does not think it to be wise to let two virile guys (one looking like AB2.0 after loosing just the right amount of weight and the other bearing an undeniable resemblance to John - we have a winner in the 6-pack contest - Abraham)

Idea! Since one is a photographer and the other one a nurse, what would be more natural as to pretend to be a gay couple. And by being that posing no danger to the landlady´s honour. So they move in and become the thickest of friends. Until both fall in love with her and the plot somewhat thickens.

Obviously the part with both guys getting more and more entangled in their pretend gayness is very very funny. Yes, of course there are the stereotypes. But hey, those are straight Indian guys pretending to be gay and the film manages to not make a farce of it. The only minus point is guy number 3. Well at least Bobby Deol got rid of his mane a while back but still, it doesn´t gel.

My favorite part? The Kirron Kher bits where a riot.

Oh and btw. Dostana set the bar for the most romantic date. I will only say KKHH. I challenge every guy to top that.


memsaabstory said...

I keep reading reviews of both this and Yuvraaj and am so confused. Will I like them? Will I hate them?

Sigh. I guess I'll just wait for DVD and then at least have access to FF. Or Rewind!

Hope you are enjoying Chennai :-) I am v.v jealous!

memsaabstory said...
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memsaabstory said...

oops, didn't mean to spam, sorry! there was a delayed reaction in posting :-(

babasko said...

No Problem :D

I cannot say for Yuvvraaj. I am biased because of the shots in Austria. As for Dostana the first half is purely entertaining fun

memsaabstory said...

I've spent a lot of time in Austria myself (my sister lived there for 20 years) and Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. So at least that will work for me too :-)

The Witch King of Rohtak said...

The movie is actually one of the better ones I've seen this year. You would've really enjoyed it. I am a little biased anyway because being a Haryanvi, I don't get to hear a lot of Haryanvi-Delhi accent in the movies. :)

By the way, your blog is great! :)

PS: Do check out Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi if you havent. Though I'm not an SRK fan, I'm totally in love with the girl!
Check out my review if you want.

sultan said...

ya this is awesome.
Send Rakhi to India