March 16, 2009

Shashi Week 2009 - Monday

Ja, ja, ja I know I´m a bad girl. I am sorry. But listen. I have been super busy since I returned from India. Too busy even to write about the only two BW films I watched since. Since you´re going to ask anyway. Those two were Gajini, which I liked (but not as much as the Tamil Version) and Billu Barber (which I liked as well, loved even had not SRK´s worn such überugly clothes. Oh, and yes, the editing sucked. Big time).

But that is past. What brings me out of blog-hibernation is Beth´s wonderful brilliant adorable idea of Shashi Week 2009. Why she came up with it. Read here.

And her wonderful brilliant adorable plan brought me luck already. Apart from the films I will try to (re-)watch this week - Do Aur Do Paanch. Shaan - to celebrate all things Shashi, I found out this morning that the in-flight entertainment program on the Emirates Flight that will transport me to Chennai come Saturday offers Kaala Patthar for my viewing pleasures. Which is fantastic. Because so far I only know the first 30 minutes of it. A few years back I was at a book presentation where they screened it but I could not stay to watch it in full. So. Yay. Finally will get that. Socialist-ish masala drama. With a grubby Shashi (and AB1.0 as crumpety guys bonus)

Kaala Patthar is not the only Shashi film I know only parts of. I have the same problem with Dharmputra. Bought two (legal!) DVDs and both are stuck right at the start of the climax.

A very young Hindu-nationalist Shashi running into the house of (unbeknown to him) his Muslim bearing a flaming torch. And cut. DVD khatm. Not a chance of getting to know what happens next. And NO. Don´t you dare telling me who dies and who lives. I´ll find a DVD that works. One day.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Yay for Shashi Week- I am still not sure WHAT to do for it, and his bday is almost here!

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Shweta, as long as you do what your dil tells you, you're golden! :)

Babasko, LOVE IT! That is one of my very favorite Shashi pictures ever and I will be writing about it later in the week! Thanks for picking up the torch!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Dharmputra is fab. I so feel your pain on the two legal but crap DVDs. This is why I feel very little sympathy for Indian DVD manufacturers on the pirating issue :)

How long will you be in Chennai?

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