February 05, 2007

And now for something completely different - I´ve been tagged

Up to now I´ve been lucky. No tagging for me yet. And still it had to happen one day. Filmiholic wants me to tell Five Secrets you, my lovely readers, don´t know about me yet. Let´s see.

1. I got married in Las Vegas at the little Chapel of the Flowers in 2000. Thats the same place Dennis Rodman and Carmen Elektra tied the knot. Well MY marriage still works.

2. I´ve been paying my Gym membership for the last 4 years without ever going ONCE. I really should cancel it. But then again. I might go again. One day. Or not.

3. I´m a huge Rick Springfield fan. So huge that we scheduled all of our USA vacations so far around his concert dates. He´s soooo sexy and nice. Sigh.

4. I´ve been a candidate at the austrian version of KBC - Who wants to be a millionaire. But I didn´t make it into the hot seat. I lost out by ONE bloody hundredth of a second. Grrr. But then our host here is only a former skiing champ. How uncool.

5. I have huge feet for a woman. Euro size 42/ USA size 11. You want to see my usual happy-go-lucky self turn into a world-hating mean Mrs. Hyde in the shortest possible time? Drag me into a shoestore. Sirf 5 minutes aur meri mood bahut kharab hai. Why does the shoemaking industry believe that woman with my size only want shoes fit for ladies age 75 and up. I want Pradas and Manolo Blahniks. Bleh.

So, that was that. The real saucy secrets still hidden and some of your curiosity satisfied. Now who am I going to tag. How about Aparna, Maja, Sanni and by calling Kaddele and Maria move this tag to the germanspeaking Bloggosphere.


Angela G. Skylar said...

Hey, Rick Springfield, I know him. He plays Noah on General Hospital...Love him and his TV son Patrick is pretty hot too!

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

I wear 42s too!!! We are the same person.

Maja said...

Double-tagged (Filmiholic got me too)! Now I'll really have to do this ;)

umananda said...

Nr. 4 actually comes unexpected. I knew i saw you somewhere before- thought it was karma. tv is disillusioning.

ps. OMG, please let me watch when beth and babasko wil compare their bollywood-feet at the bloggermeeting.