February 03, 2007

Bollywoodbloggers. A suggestion for the meeting.

Hiya there. We´ve been brainstorming quite a bit as to what to do with all you Bollywoodbloggers in Vienna. Today I have a suggestion I´d love to read/hear your opinion about.

One to me very important issue is that I want to/must watch a movie together with all of you. Problem hai, the possibility of a BW movies being screened in cinemas here at that date are slim to none. (Thanx Eros International.) I also think that it would be great if we could do a sort of simultaneous/live blogging while watching it. That is something that can easily be done if we´d watched a DVD in one of the classrooms in my school. Beamer hai, DVD player hai, sound hai aur Broadband Wlan bhi hai. I can even come up with a couple of Macbooks (for those who don´t want to/can bring theirs to Vienna).

Which leads us to the question of what movie to watch. Preferably one that nobody of us knows yet. That is a problem especially if you have Marco on the panel (no kiddin´see for yourself) So my suggestion today would be Bommarillo. Nobody attending has seen it yet. The DVD will come out Feb 28th, I already pre-ordered it and it will be sent via UPS. So we should get it right on time. I know it´s not precisely Bollywood, but it has Siddarth in it. Siddarth. And Genelia.

Any objections? Or other movies you can think of?


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

I was just about to be sad because I won't be brining Mrs. Peel (my G4 laptop) with me to Europe, but then you go and solve the problem! :) I think this is a stellar idea, and I'm happy to watch anything, even if it's an old chestnut we can all yell at the screen for!


babasko said...

:D no worries. theres Macs a plenty in this house..
the old chestnut would be plan B, if iDream or austrian customs take more time then planned

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't mind me. There should be SOME films out there that are worth watching twice, right? But then again, "Bommarillo" ist a fine choice. I'm not sure whether I've already ordered the DVD but I'll try to supress any urge to watch the film before March :)

Anonymous said...

ggggood idea. but you girlies should not cry and scream all the film through then *fg

Maja said...

Woohoo, fantastic idea! Now I really have to come. I can't decide what's more inviting, the prospect of watching Siddharth or using a Mac :D

Anonymous said...

ich dachte, bommarillo wäre schon fest :D und sorry fürs deutsch-schreiben, aber mein englisch willst du sicher nicht lesen - glaubs mir einfach :)