March 12, 2007

Bollywoodbloggers. The 4th ACEBAs.

The voting for the 4th Annual Central European Bollywood Awards closed last wednesday and since I forced (nicely) Marco into having the results ready by the time the Blogger Meeting would take place, we were able to present the results in a fun impromptu awards ceremony during the evening event of the PEIBBM.

I prepared a Keynote presentation, ordered Birgit and Beth to screenshot their way through some of the winner movies, made a panicking Marco prepare a introductory speech *hehe*, put on my Sari and then we were ready to rumble. But not before more little thing.

Setting up the presenation got me the results early and knowing that they would not please the majority of the people attending, Birgit had the brilliant idea to bring handpainted "Wah!! and "Boo!!" signs. Lovingly made by Maria, Beth, Kaddele and Michael on friday, they came in quite handy.

But see for yourself. Here are the results as voted by the german speaking Bollywood fanbase. Which obviously is very SRKish or as we started to call it "Khanian". But maybe if the german distributors and TV stations would start sceening more non-SRK movies the fanbase will widen. And we won´t have Karan Johar winning Best Director for KANK. Bleh.

Mehru Jaffer, an indian journalist, who attended the ceremony asked me if we are planning to repeat the real-life ceremony and had plans to give away the awards physicly in the future. Well, even if it was a lot of work preparing and organizing the event, I think the crew with Marco, Markus, Birgit, Beth and Michael did great work. And the attending Blogwriters and -readers were getting along so well and we all had a ball. So, yeah, why not?

PS: and here´s the flickr set of my pics from the ACEBAs. All Pics taken from everybody can be found in this blogger group.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

No matter what language I had to work in, I would happily help organize an event for Bollywood awards that were received in person. And then I could march up to Karan Johar and say "No, you can't have it! Boooo!"

Anonymous said...

official language: bollywood *gg

DJ said...

Wah Wah!!

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Genius - we are all fluent in that!