March 31, 2007

Still don´t have enough of us?

Anybody in the vicinity of Graz, Styria on April 14th will be able to meet us - bole to main, michael aur woh acchi Vienna larkiya - at the FilmASIA festival. Apart from (re-)watching movies like LRM, Kabul Express or KHNH (you can find what else is being screened in their BW special here) Babsy´s Bollywood short film "Tere Ishq, Mere Pyaar" will also be premiered there. So again we´re planning on having a jolly good time.

PS: Yesterday the shipping confirmation for Bommarillu finally came. Expect a very girly Schnuffelpost next week.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Check out the official website of TERE ISHQ MERE PYAAR! :)