October 30, 2007

I tried to fight it. I swear. OSO.

The Johnny Gaddaar DVD is still on its way from Nehaflix to me. A No Smoking screening is nowhere in sight. So what remains to be done by the discerning Hindi cinema fan? Yes. Right.

Dive head first into the OSO pre-release hype. Yeehaaw!

The way it looks now Vienna will be the only city in the german-speaking parts of the world that will have a cinema release of Om Shanti Om along with the rest of saari duniya. And this suits me mighty fine, would I be if I did not take up the opportunity to go for a first day first (and second, yes, i already booked tickets for back to back shows) show.

As I mentioned before we here are in the lucky position to have a distribution deal between Eros Entertainment and the local UCI Multiplex. So far we got Partner, Gandhi My Father, Heyy Babyy and Bhool Bhulayia out of it. Not that impressive for you? Well it might become so when I tell you that this is an increase in regular cinemas screenings of Bollywood movies by 400%.

But now back to hysterical filmifan-part. And why of all films am I excited about OSO? Oh c´mon. Masala. Plain good ´ole Masala, baby.

Has anyone seen the dialog promos? 1, 2 and 3 ? How can I not be hyped by the prospect of seeing Rishi Kapoor and Subash Ghai fighting over who will give a filmfare award to a bad actor with a too-good-to-be-true sixpack?
Or Deeptika doing a song a la Dhal Gaya Din. Or SRK doing all his SRK-things. And then there is Deewangi of course. And. And. And. Sigh.

I really loved Main Hoon Na. Perfect popcorn cinema. And I have really really high hopes that Farah will pull this one off too. Storywise, visually, performanceswise.

What do I believe to know about it yet? Well, its a reincarnation love story. Om Prakash (patheticly bad wannabe hero but only junior artist so far) falls in love with Shantipriya (a Hema Malini like superstar) Lekin problem hai. Evil mustached other guy with evil intentions hai. And so the lovely couple dies before their love story can bloom. *insert frantic NAHIIIIIN here* The story cannot end there. So we fast foreward to now, as in right now, as both were reborn under slightly different premises and now have to find each other, solve all the riddles and hopefully live happily ever after.

Pre-sale for the 2 shows on the 9th has already started last weekend. And the tickets sell like hot-cakes. We have some OSO refugees from Germany and Switzerland for the weekend, so I am preparing for a very fun, very colorful, very cool weekend.

PS: Bollywood sucks at merchandising. Why did nobody come up with the idea of producing small OSO snow-globes? Oh you could have made a fortune.


Anonymous said...

Refugees from Switzerland? Is Marco coming, too? :-D

Maja said...

Ohh wow, you'll get OSO in Vienna? I don't suppose it will still be playing by the 22nd when I get there, will it?
I really have high hopes for this too, loving the promos, especially Deewangi Deewangi *squee* I was watching a Making of feature and got worried because the Bachchans were nowhere in sight, but it seems at least Amitabh and Abhishek should be in there. At least I hope so ...

babasko said...

oh chances are pretty high that it will play at least 2-3 weeks.. so you might get a chance :D

you´re coming to vienna?? how cool is that??

Anonymous said...

And yet you forget to mention 'Saawariya'....again!!!!

Not Fair!!!

Maja said...

Yes I'm coming with a friend in November to see Rufus Wainwright at Arena Wien :D We won't have much time but I'm hoping to convince her to go to the movies if OSO is still playing! She's the one I dragged to see KANK with me in London, I still haven't managed to convert her to a BW fan but at least I've trained her to recognise a few actors by now.
Is there a website for the cinema where OSO will play?

Maja said...

Oops never mind, just saw there's a link to the cinema website in your post! :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
babasko said...

anonymous, in answer too your question..
i wait for the jg dvd because services like yours are illegal and even if they were not, the technical quality of the vids sucks..

and here now a sorry. i deleted your comment since it contained the link to the illegal content

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, does anybody has just one little ticket to Vienna for next weekend? OSO in a full cinema with hundreds of people getting crazy during watching this film. ;) Fantastic! I will have to wait till the Berlinale late February 2008. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi, Babasko!
I just want to say "Thank you" for getting OSO to Vienna.