October 15, 2007

Now that is where he got the idea from

A bit over a week ago at a classified meeting concerning the next IBBM, this little guy showed up for a short impromptu visit.

Now we finally know whom the big Khan got the idea for his six-pack from. It seems he just tried to look more like his doll :-D


ezri said...

jaaaa he is here :) Cant wait to meet him. :)

Have Fun

babasko said...

sorry. he´s gone again.. he was just there for a few hours with michael.. but dont worry he´ll be back in few weeks :-)

Beth said...

Micahel is shamefully behind on posting any updates or photos. How do we know Mini Khan is still with him? What if something happened to him? Nooooo! Thank you for this update - MK's nervous caretaker now feels (somewhat) better.

Sandip said...

He has developed an amazing body.

Check out this site I found which is rather fast loading unlike other 'official' sites.
Om Shanti Om