November 22, 2007

more fun in the snow and a new friend

So MiniKhan nagged me into driving to the mountains to get some more authentic winter wonderland feel. Last saturday the weather was perfect and I took him to visit my Naani in Semmering.

And boy those two hit it off instantly. Nani loves Bollywood films and has a special sweet spot for SRK (quote Grandma: "that nice young man"), so it came as no surprise that the two were inseparable and up to mischief the whole day. He even did his "Rahul - routine" for her. (Something he so far has refused to do for me. Not fair.)

They were constantly putting their heads together and came up with the funniest stuff. Like when MK said: "Do you think I´ll get myself into trouble with the Pepsi guys if I do this..?"

To which my usually very sophisticated Grandma said. "Oh fish. India is so far away. Who cares?"


Anonymous said...

OMG! What a cute couple! :D

Anonymous said...

I jst wanna second what sunchild says! The pics are adorable :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful photoes! really great!

Anonymous said...

Wie süß! Deine Oma scheint richtig begeistert zu sein.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Vah vah! Think of the mischief they could get up to! Who would stand in the way of an adorable granny and Minki Khan?!?