July 04, 2006

Krrish - Revisited

Note to self. Screw press screenings. The Cons outweigh the Pros by far. Haan accha hai, watching a movie earlier than most, but in return you get to share a rather empty cinema with critics and they just don´t react to whats on screeen (except for some sniggers) Its basicly like watching the movie alone at home - only on a bigger screen...
That is why I watched it again with two friends yesterday. And oh my this movie really is nice. We kept drooling for most of the film. And chatting. And laughing.
So after having seen it for the second time I can add/fortify:

  • Hrithik is the dance god. Bas.
  • The Kalicharan story is actually funny.
  • I still have the urge to buy "Tide".
  • Priyanka Chopra does a great sulking face.
  • Priyas Boss (Archana Puran Singh) IS the worst played character in Krrish.
  • Krishna´s solo fight routine for that little girl is very well done.
  • The songs are cool. "Koi Tumsa Nahin" is loop playing since last night.
  • Just imagine! and Breaking news! are going to be integrated into my parlance.

You haven´t seen it yet? Aare yaar. Chale jao. Abhi!

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