November 16, 2006

Anthony Kaun Hai? - Flashback. Interesting.*

Arshad Warsi´s character has some serious problems in this movie. He for one thinks this hairstyle is cool:

He also gets to spend some time in a Thai prison. And later on he even gets a visit from hitman Sanjay Dutt and is left hanging head first from the 33rd floor.

But first things first.
Professional hitman Master Madan gets the job to kill a guy called Anthony Gonsalves (!). Problem is, said Anthony insists on not being the one he´s looking for. So as Madan has some time to kill (bad pun intended) anyway Champ/Anthony/Arshad gets the chance to tell the tale on how he ended up in this apartment calling himself Anthony Gonzalves.
It is a story containing stolen diamonds, carrier pigeons, nakhli beards and wigs, beautiful Thai beaches, a singing cop (Gulshan Grover), some smaller and bigger cons,
an ill-advised ID fraud aur kuch acchi ladki.

I never heard of the Hollywood original "Who is Cletis Tout?" so the story was new to me and even if not the most exciting one, pretty neat. But who am I kidding, I of course watched the movie for Arshad and Sanjay. And their joint scenes in the frame-plot are especially cool.

Sanjay gets the chance to deliver some great one-liners*, be a cool cat and drive a red Ferrari convertible and Arshad is actually sweet and, well, I just counted and Anthony Kaun Hai is my tenth movie with him in it, the third as main lead and it´s the best of those three. Just be prepared for a very non-Circuit performance.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

I'm totally curious about this since the ads were all over the place while I was in India. Plus your FPMEMA and my celebrity meeting deserve all the watching they can get!

Anonymous said...

This may be your tenth film with Arshad, but I bet it's your fiftieth with pigeons.

babasko said...

oh yes. and it really took me some time to feel comfortable with them here. i´m still traumatised by the MPK one.