July 13, 2007

Bollywood and Beyond - Stuttgart Day 1+2

Way to tired to post. But here for starters some pics. Day 1 (opening night) Day 2 (interviews and all kinds of other fun)

So and since there is a free Jonny Walker bar for the film-related guests and the festival team (to neither group I actually belonged, but that is another story) and it´s 1:30 am and I´ll have to get up at 8 tomorrow, you´ll have to make up your own stories for the time being.

I love it here!


Steve said...

You're so lucky to be there man! Some of us have too many time restraints, and are only lucky enough to spend a day in Germany :(

Well, looking forward to more stories and pics of the festival!!


babasko said...

oh i am having a ball. and i´m just uploading the pics of friday and saturday... :D