July 10, 2007

Holidays - sort of..

Tomorrow morning I´ll be heading to Stuttgart (that would be in Germany) for five days of Bollywood & Beyond i.e. the biggest Indian film festival in Germany. Its my first time there, I hope to meet tons of great people, indulge in heavy partying and overdose on Indian cinema in all its aspects.
Btw. I´ll take my Macbook and camera with me and try to update from there.

See ya´ll later.


umananda said...

hej, have lots of masti and make update soon :-)

Alan said...

Should be fun. The food festival sounds really good as well. I'll have to check out "Outsourced". Sounds funny and has a Seattle (yay) connection.

Katrin said...

@alan You definitely should check it out - I think 99% of the audience in Stuttgart loved the movie (well, there was that very strange couple that complained about it not being depressing enough ...).

@babasko: You do know that you'll have to start blogging the minute you enter your flat, don't you? I really want to hear about your adventures ;)

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