July 16, 2007

Bollywood and Beyond - Stuttgart Last Day

I´m back home, save and sound. And I already terribly miss all the fantastic people I met and hung out with since Wednesday.

Here now the last bunch of pics.
Day 5. I´l do the write-up tomorrow. It´s just too hot (37 C/98 F) today and I´m too lazy and tired. I hope everybody got home well. (Edit: Surya did. Just got his mail)

Thank y´all so much for an unforgetable time.


Luvbeers said...

Are you going to see Don on Thursday at the Augarten?

babasko said...

i´ll be meeting some friends there even before the film to chat. probably around the colombo hoppers food stall. lets meet!

Rk said...

Hey Babasko,
whos who. Is Ketan Anand there in this grp photo?

Nova said...

Quote: "I'll do the write-up tomorrow."

"Tomorrow" is long ago! Where is your review? :( Eagerly waiting for it! ;)