September 21, 2007

Bhool Bhulayiaa. Strangely attracted.

I had a ball watching Chandramukhi a while back. Rajni Superstar rulez. No discussions about that.

Now the Hindi remake will come out on October 12th. With Akshay Kumar in Rajnikanth´s role as the a tiny bit wacko psychiatrist. Directed by Priyadarshan.
Hmm. If you just read those last two sentences, its nothing to get that much excited. Especially if you know that at first AB 1.0 was in talks to play that role.


1) Due to Akshay´s almost monopolistic presence in Hindi films in the Indian cinema history here in Vienna during the last 3 years, I somehow grew rather fond of him. Sharp tongues might say I got brainwashed. But I really do like Akshay in comedies. Such hai.

2) The story has enough potential to make for an delightfully entertaining evening. Pyaar. Suspense. Masti. Probably crazy stunts and SpecialFX. Spicy enough for a well rounded Masala fair.

3) Vidya Balan. Finally in a more traditional get up again. In
Jyotika´s role from Chandramukhi. Maybe that will make me forget her Heyy Babyy performance.

4) The soundtrack rocks. Love the title track. And Akshay´s
swami get up.

Still there are some risky points.

Amisha Patel. No comment. Shiney Ahuja. He has yet to repeat his great performance from Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi, hai naa? Don´t have much hope for it here too. Bhool Bhulayia is a Priyadarshan comedy. And it has been a while since he delivered too..

So all in all, you can count me in for a first day show. If only for Akshay and Vidya in the climax dance.


Movie Mazaa said...

have u seen the original of the chandramukhis ad bhool bhulaiyyas?
its called manichitrathazhu - a Malayalam movie that was the biggest blockbuster of all times!

babasko said...

Hi Velu!

Noohoo. *sigh* I´ve been looking for that one forever. It´s as good as impossible to get any Malayalam films here. In any form. The other one I´ve been dying to get my hand on is Perumzhakkalam which was remade into Dor..

Anonymous said...

Hey, stumbled upon your blog, just wanted to say keep up the excellent work!!!!! Im really looking forward to BHOOL BHULAIYA, has all the trappings of a blockbuster IMO, I love CHANDRAMUKHI too like yourself, the HARE RAMA and ALLAH HAFIZ tracks are addictive!!!Have added your blog link to my blog:-)....

BTW the Malayalam movie is a LOT more serious!!! Mohanlal(Rajni played his role in CM and Akki in BB) was a supporting actor, and the whole movie revolved around the leading lady Shobhna(Jyothika, Vidya role). CM centered the movie round the Superstar...while BB has done the same and added lotsa comedy in the first half!

Take care


xoussef said...

the tile track is addictive indeed.. i just can't get "hare raam hare raam hare krishna hare ram..." out of my head. However, Sajda is "borrowed" from an Egyptian song.. i don't like neither the original or the reprise, and despise that "borrow" bad habit too

yeah and i think i spotted Casper the ghost in the trailer.. weird

babasko said...

hi guys, glad you like it :D

i just arrived in zurich this morning and now i'm off to the ayngaran store. i so hope that i find manichitrathazhu there...

Anonymous said...

Saw BHOOL-very good!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Originally, this film was made in malayam. But, when it was dubbed in Kannada "Aaptamitra" this was the massive hit in the kannada industry.

After sucess in kannada, Tamil film Chandamuki made, where Rajini play role of Doctor(In Kannada - vishnivardhan). Soundary played the leading role in the film even Jyotika fails to perform the same in Tamil. All the scence in the Tamil film was excatly copied from Kannada movie(Each and every shot includes the interior shooting)

So, this film was made only after grant sucess in Kannada.

So all the credit goes to director and producer of Kannada and Malayam.

Interval said...
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Anonymous said...
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babasko said...

previous two comments have been deleted because they contained a link to a website with illegal content. sorry anonymous.

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