September 21, 2007

got a problem. solved it. you live with it. bas.

I started to write a preview of Bhool Bhulayia. And then stopped. Kyu? Bear with me for another short ramble.

Just because I did not blog for the last weeks/month(s) does not mean I did not surf the net and read up on my daily dose of filmi news bits. One of my favorite sites doing that and a daily stop-over is PFC. I love reading their posts and comments, but some of the guys (certain special dear darlings excluded) posting/commenting there are way too intimidating for me. So apart from my not having the guts of posting comments there, it went even so far that I started to question my kind of postings here.
But today when I started writing the afore-mentionend Bhool post, I stopped, thought about it and then came to the very healthy conclusion that I don´t care. And that I really shouldn´t.
This is my blog. I like it the way it is. You read it. If you like it, read more. If you think I´m just a white chick who should better zip it, your bad. If you think it´s too mainstreamy, same accounts. My, anyway not too small, self-esteem is back up. I ´ll continue to do my thing. My way.
[/end ramble]


boomer said...

woohaaa !!
I do not expect anything else from you !!!!! *G*

Anonymous said...

Did you receive any bad comments? We are all happy that you´ve finally started blogging again.

babasko said...

nope. i was just chickening even before i posted :D