September 28, 2007

just off to get new material

I'm trying something here.

Just a short note:
- i am in Zürich for the weekend to visit family.
- i did not bring my macbook (big mistake, i know, but how was i supposed to know, that Akshay Shah of would link to my Bhool Bhulaiya post, while i'm gone *g*)
- so i'm typing on my shiny new iPod Touch and that is kind of tricky. I have no idea how this turns out.

- on a filmi note... I did manage to get quite a few dvds today
And last but not least... The first thing i saw after leaving the plane today was an ad saying "Oerlikon is Bollywood" ?? I have no idea what that part of zurich has to do with BW. But then a few meters further it read "Oerlikon is Shanghai"... They are a weird but nice people here


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha funny post ha ha especially about the bill boards

Anonymous said...

welches ist der neueste Film, den du sahst?

Indianoguy said...

Hey Babasko
Good to see you back, missed your posts. I demand at least one post each week :)

babasko said...

@anon1: hope to get a photo of it tomorrow when we fly home

@anon2: der neuste film den ich sah war heyy babyy im kino in wien

@indianoguy: thanx for sticking with me. your demand will be met, kasam se

umananda said...

The Bhool Bhulaiya post is cool. And obviously Nachgaanapeople are also happy to have you back :D

++ now you are a moblogger, Arewah! looking forward to see and touch your new ipod, may i moblog once please?