May 12, 2006

The Bluffmaster! Trivia Post

I just finished watching "Bluffmaster!" again. For only the 10th time. Or so. And after reading Beths review I found it was time to try and really find as much innuendos (is this the right word?) as possible.
Here we go - oh and beware this might contain spoilers

#1 During the conversation between Roy and the Doc in Cafe Leopold (yes, I´ve read Shantaram - but we won´t go into this now) you can hear a woman in the background talking about "Dhoom"
#2 the Film playing in first cinema scene is "Kuch Naa Kaho", the one playing during the second cinema scene is "Shaan"
#3 there is a picture of Nana Patekar and Ram Gopal Varma on the wall of Dittus room
#4 So far I only could read the titles of three of the DVDs lying on top of the TV in said room - "Do aur Do Paanch", "Hera Pheri" and "The Sting"
UPDATE 9/13/2006: the 4th DVD on Dittus TV is "Catch me if you can"
#5 right before the last scene Roy is running by Rohan Sippys house and Riteish names its adress in the commentary track - what is it with Rohans personal contact infos being given out by "friends" (like Abhi telling Rohans mobile number during "Coffee with Karan")?
#6 the Taxi in which Roy chases his own car has the number 9-2-11 checked it with my copy of "Taxi No 9211" and it is indeed the same cab


the cinema where Shaan is playing is the Maratha Mandir. That´s the theatre that has been playing DDLJ since1995.(UPDATE 9/13/2006)

#8 during the 2nd negotiation between Roy and Chandru Bhai about the price for the jewelry, the language, mimic and pose from Roy is straight out of Namak Halaal (UPDATE 10/26/2006)

one last thought:
"Dekho boss, Devdas ek idiot tha" oh, truer words never been spoken


Anonymous said...

So you are the same person who liked "Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi"? Although that movie is probably the exact opposite of Bluffmaster I have also enjoyed both immensly. Even the fact that Bluffmaster "borrows" from different movies does not bother me at all, actually the opposite is true cause it seems to fit the bluffmaster-theme perfectly.
I will make sure to look out for the posters and the cab next time I watch it!

babasko said...

Yup, thats me. And youre of course right "Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi" and "Bluffmaster!" dont have much in common :-) I really like the way Bluffmaster borrows - Rohan made a unique movie from it which you really can get emotional attached to. If you take Sanjay Guptas Films on the other hand like Kaante or Zinda - he copies almost 1:1 and usually does not get "the soul" of the original.

Anonymous said...

Hi .
Great post . Just a few more points :

Shaan was directed by Rohan Sippy's father Ramesh Sippy as a sort of follow-up to Sholay and is in my opinion one of the best masala movies . Might put a post about it on my blog pretty soon .

Kuch naa Kaho was Rohan's first movie.

Anyways , you have a ver unique and fun to read blog .