May 15, 2006

Feel edgy? Watch Iqbal!

Sometimes sundays can drag on forever. You don´t want to do anything productive, reading books is a drag and the TV programm makes you want to throw heavy things at the screen. To sum it up: you are feeling really bitchy. In case that happens here´s the perfect movies to soothe your nerves: Iqbal

Iqbal is the 18 year old dumb and deaf son of a poor farmer somewhere in rural India. He, his mother and the little sister have only one passion: Cricket. His father hates even the word, he wants his son to work on the fields with him. But Iqbals dream is to bowl (pitch for the baseball knowing) for the Indian national team. So he is herding the families´ buffalos and secretly observing the training of the local cricket academy with his sister translating the coaches directions to signlanguage. One day Iqbal gets the chance to train there. And he is great until he gets kicked out of the academy for injuring another player. But he can pesuade the town drunk, whom he recognizes being a former Cricketpro to train him.

Iqbal is not a big movie. The story is the classic underdog story. But it is executed in such an endearing way. Iqbal is probably the most sympathic hero in movie history. And the whole cast is great. Naseruddin Shah is exceptional as the disillusionate drunkard. Shreyas Talpade shines as the deaf and dumb Iqbal without overplaying it.

Go and watch it! It´s fun. It´s sweet. It will make you cry. You will love it. And bitchy sundays will be a thing of the past.

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Anonymous said...

Hi....I liked your comments on the movie.Nagesh is the finest filmmaker of his time but often doesnt get recognition for his good work like many others in Indian film industry. I will recommand his first film 'Hydrabad Blues' if have watched it.