May 29, 2006

Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge

I like Salman. Bas. And I like him even more after this. Actingwise its the best I´ve seen of him in the last months (Tere Naam and Khamoshi are to long ago to compare).

Vir (Salman) does not remember anything thats longer ago then 3 years. But there are some strange incidents that hint at some darker secrets from his past. So he goes to Mumbai to solve these riddles. And there Salman can cry and fight and break other guys necks, with or without shirt. Its great.
Some facts:

  • yes Beth, this is the same mosque thats in that "right here right now" shot in Bluffmaster!

  • Salman so has the best body in Bollywood (NO Hrithik has not!! Oh please - compare the proportions and then come back to apologize)

  • Bollywood has great Foley artists. They are especially good with the sound of breaking bones and necks.
  • Sush must not wear lilac lipstick

  • Jonny Lever is still annoying
  • Diya Mirza can be really sweet without being childish

  • All in all a cool massala flick with a great fight at the end and a really cool, romantic, emotional, funny Salman. And two very nice heroines: the etheral Sushmita Sen and the cute Diya Mirza (or however she is spelled these days. I hate numerical astrology)


    Beth Loves Bollywood said...

    Oh dear. Can you explain to me your fondness for the Shirtless Wonder? Other than body-related reasons, that is? And thank you for the building tip! And I agree completely about the lipstick. It's bad.

    babasko said...

    Forget the shirtless thing, I take that as sort of a running gag. He is someone who gets me at a weak spot.

    He is sweet and shy with strangers (first hand report of a friend of mine)he is totally comitted to his friends and family (even obessesed) he is a bad boy with a soft heart. Constantly slipping into trouble because he doesnt use his brain. That sort of speaks to my "motherly" side. Whenever I read about another brush with the law of his I sort of want to protect him. Just cant help it.

    And I love his eyes :-)

    Beth Loves Bollywood said...

    Ahhh, the classic bad boy thing. That is always lost on me.

    Of course, this is coming from someone with an elaborate imaginary relaitonship with a movie star from a different country. Take with a grain of salt!

    babasko said...

    and I forgot one -very important- thing...his long(ish) hair in the early 90ies...sigh...I think I might be compensating there... ever since husband cut of his hair...could be...hmmm