May 28, 2006

Revisiting Friends

I have about 20 DVDs that wait to be watched, but somehow I don´t feel like new stories today. Instead I decided to revisit some friends. Special friends:
Road to Ladakh and Little Terrorist

"Road to Ladakh"

is a short film (48min) with Irfan Khan. Its a road movie (as the title suggests) about a cocain sniffing female NRI journalist and an indian guy with some sort of agenda who meet on their way to Leh.
I first got or better met it about 6 months ago as a very bad copy (with the audio running 4 minutes behind) But now you can get it from nehaflix on the Little Terrorist DVD. Its very strange, very quiet, has Irfan in it and I love it. Somehow other people must have loved it too, as it might be made into a feature film now with the same cast.

"Little Terrorist"

Actually I am not really into short films. Especially short short films. I love long detailed stories. Complicated sidelines. Sumptuous details. All that stuff which you cant squeeze into a 10min film.
This is the one that won the Oscar 2005 for best live action short. And its sweet. Pakistani boy changes into India by accident and needs to hide in a village as borderpatrol mistake him as terrorist. During its 15 min it does not offer more then a snapshot of life at the Indo/Pak Border but, as good shorts go, it leaves you wishing for more. More insight on the characters lifes. More on the background. Just More.

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