March 08, 2008

PEIBBM Liveblogging

I late, but we´re live.

michael+mike+mirie, maria, beth, kaddele, marco and enia4x a whole lot of others are as well liveblogging.

13:45 kaddele and beth asre singing dhadak and are waiving their wonderfull BaB cutouts..

13:50 I still have to get into the groove. but hell, its been ages since i saw BaB and AB2.0 looks soooo nice :D

13:54 uh-oh Bunty. i know you´re pissed, but you must not talk to your dad like that.. tsktsk

13:56 to 14:04 bleh. is acting up. it eats my post. so we missed Babli´s pink room. and Bunty´s first scam.

14:05 I haven´t seen BaB for ages. I didn´t remember how very pink it was..

14:06 *sigh* now they finally met. what a cool pick up line.

14:08 Ohh. I also forgot how very nerve-grating Bablis crying is. Breaks every man :D Note to self: Try on husband..

14:15 I´m lagging behind. But now we have "yeh world" for the 3rd time. Yay!

14:17 weehh. bahut accha. I keep repeating myself. but i forgot how very cool stuff there is in that movie. Like the music during the Q-Q-Qureishi scene.

btw. we here are some of the cutouts

and they will come in very handy soon...

14:26 ok Babli is a bit slow but now we have the titlesong!!!!

14:30 Yey my favorite is the hotel-bying scam during the song. Thats AB2 in AB1 mode from Agnepath, right? And now theres Sholay :D Love it!!!
And the crowd here is singing!

14:35 Mummyyyy!! Oh no she´s crying again.

14:36 Collcetive sigh. The first romatic sparks are flying. Shooo Shweeet..

14:46 Uh_oh blue pleather coming up..

14:48 wow. sycronized clapping in the house.. and quite some amusement over the fugly costumes.

14:56 *sigh* and kiss-kiss sounds from the crowd. all that for a peck on the cheek. i cant wait what will happen in the secound half.

and Papa B draws a huge applause

15:24 INTERVAL over. And we get the first glimpse of the Taj Mahal

and btw. we had to reprimand the "hat-fraction" from Frankfurt/Munich.. they were caught watching SRk stuff on their Laptops during the first half. Tsktsk..

15:26 poor Bunty. What a wasted wedding night..

15:28 war of noses. and cat-calls from the audience..

15:35 oh no. technical problems. but we came prepared. quick change of DVDs. and during the unscheduled break Beth and Kaddele enact what we are missing on screen with the paper cutouts. YAY!!

15:43 and the big Taj Mahal scam is starting. And while we watch it unfolding I need to add two more liveblogs.
willi for umananda

15:57 oh the Big B is just made for slow motion.

16:01 Ahhh question: Is it possible that the barman at the hotel is the same guy as the receptionist from Jab We Met??

16:02 Oh what a beautiful story. Inspector AB2.0 ka pehla pyaar.

16:07 Yay. Family reunion! Sorry gotta dance pretty soon

16:17 Now that got the crowd rocking. I think I saw even the guys dancing in their seats

16:24 We´re heading fast to the climax. Oh and Amitabh Bachchan runs!!! I love when Amitabh Bachchan runs!!

16:34 And another "Yeh world" and an ultimatium

16:38 Oh noooo. Caught. Oh noooooooo

16:44 I see tears in the crowd. And hear some sniffeling.

16:48 Big Applause. And now for some rapping AB1.0

So we´re off to Maharani Restaurant for an early dinner and then at 20.30 we´ll have the ACEBA presentation and the party afterwards.

Bahut Masti Hai.

Oh btw. I´ve already shot hundreds of pics. I´ll need to sort them still but keep coming back for them. ..