March 16, 2009

Shashi Week 2009 - Monday

Ja, ja, ja I know I´m a bad girl. I am sorry. But listen. I have been super busy since I returned from India. Too busy even to write about the only two BW films I watched since. Since you´re going to ask anyway. Those two were Gajini, which I liked (but not as much as the Tamil Version) and Billu Barber (which I liked as well, loved even had not SRK´s worn such ├╝berugly clothes. Oh, and yes, the editing sucked. Big time).

But that is past. What brings me out of blog-hibernation is Beth´s wonderful brilliant adorable idea of Shashi Week 2009. Why she came up with it. Read here.

And her wonderful brilliant adorable plan brought me luck already. Apart from the films I will try to (re-)watch this week - Do Aur Do Paanch. Shaan - to celebrate all things Shashi, I found out this morning that the in-flight entertainment program on the Emirates Flight that will transport me to Chennai come Saturday offers Kaala Patthar for my viewing pleasures. Which is fantastic. Because so far I only know the first 30 minutes of it. A few years back I was at a book presentation where they screened it but I could not stay to watch it in full. So. Yay. Finally will get that. Socialist-ish masala drama. With a grubby Shashi (and AB1.0 as crumpety guys bonus)

Kaala Patthar is not the only Shashi film I know only parts of. I have the same problem with Dharmputra. Bought two (legal!) DVDs and both are stuck right at the start of the climax.

A very young Hindu-nationalist Shashi running into the house of (unbeknown to him) his Muslim bearing a flaming torch. And cut. DVD khatm. Not a chance of getting to know what happens next. And NO. Don´t you dare telling me who dies and who lives. I´ll find a DVD that works. One day.