November 26, 2006

Plan - well researched intelligence is the key

And we´re back with the not so bright part of the male population. This time it´s four of them. Meeting on the train to Mumbai where they are all headed for one reason or the other, some male bonding happens instantly. They decide to stick together in the big bad city. Dino Morea is convinced to be the next Bollywood superstar. Bikram Baluja heads there to find his lost love. Sanjay Suri is a genius with poker cards and Rohit Roy just wants to make it big.

So when after a few days they are relieved of their already few assets in a rigged card game, they need to come up with a plan to get money fast or it is back to were they came from. And Omi (Rohit Roy - the one who took the fast way down from the roof top in Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena) has lots of plans.
The thing is just that a plan, as the name suggests, needs to be carefully planned otherwise you just call it an idea. And as movie history has shown us for decades now, a very carefully developed scheme is especially crucial when said project involves unlawful elements. So a "lets just kidnapp this guy, he looks rich, I saw him throw around money in that bar twice and he´s dressed expensive" is not the kind preparation that smells of success.

And guess what? Turns out sharp looking guy is Mussabhai. A don. DUH! And at least in the beginning not too amused with the guys. What saves their neck is that by kindnapping Mussabhai they probably saved his life since there are some business accociates that want to kill him. Trusting his own people is out of the question so our quartet is recruited to help Mussa clean up.

The problem with Plan is that it takes ages for the story to get into some sort of motion. It took me 3 tries to get over the first hour. The introduction of the four guys is so not interesting. I made it through only due to the prospect of Sanjay showing up at one point in the film. And if you can brave that too, you are rewarded with a very cool Sanjay Dutt. Usual White Feathers/Sanjay Gupta fare, but who am I to complain. I love me my debonair gangster Bhai.

And as I expected the importance of the female parts in the film to only be close to wall decoration that didn´t bother me too much.
Although Priyanka Chopra playing Mussabhai´s shaadi proposal nagging girlfriend has some (tiny) nice moments (apart from a very scary make-up in her entrance item number)

One scene I loved: Dino (the aspiring actor) acting out the "Dekh Ma, pura 50 Dollar" scene from Vastaav (original here, starts at ca. 2:00) very amateurish to a tied up Sanjay.

That boy´s got guts.

November 25, 2006

Taxi 9211 - you know you could always give in, don´t you?

Stubbornness is not foreign to me. Nor the human habbit to blame anybody but oneself for all bad things happening. But Jai Mittal and Raghav Shastri take the cake here. In the Ramesh Sippy produced remake of Changing Lanes (which I have not seen) these two butt their heads until only the ruins of their lives remain.

But as always, why not start at the beginning (Especially if the narrator is mera FPMEMA Sanjay).
Jai Mittal (John Abraham) has lost his father and at the reading of his will finds out that all assets go to a partner of his dad. A heavy blow to a spoilt rich-kid playboy who kabhi nahin has done one minute of work in his live. You know, appearances have to be kept and the high maintance girlfriend and a bunch of freeloader friends are hard to keep satisfied if the money well is dry all of a sudden. So he challenges the will in court and on the day the story plays he has to produce another will to the judge or all is lost.

Raghav Shivastra (Nana Patekar) married to beautiful and sweet Sonali Kulkarni, is not very happy driving a taxi in Mumbai but that is what he does as the latest of the 25 jobs he had so far. Being a not too nice person who always offends his superiors and customers this latest job, one he did not even tell his wife of, is also in jeopardy.

So one day destiny puts those two losers together in a cab. Due to Jai´s nagging Raghav causes an accident. That a) makes him end up in a cell at the local police station and b) leads to Jai losing the key to the vault with his fathers will. And the war starts. Problem hai ki Raghav finds that key and keeps it, because Jai has run from the accident and left Raghav to bear the brunt for it.

And, oh my, here the male stubborness sets in. Neither of the two wants to take responsiblity for their actions and so instead of fighting to get their lives in order, they prefer to fight each other. And with every round they get themself deeper and deeper into trouble.

The interesting part in the narration is that the viewer or at least me, feels and to a big part sympathizes with those two characters.

Other things I liked about Taxi Nau Do Gyarah:
A perfectly cast John Abraham. Nana is fantastic (but what else is new). The flow of the story. The cinematography (again some great views of Mumbai in a R.S. production). The music. Especially Aazmale. The cameo. And the cross referencing to Bluffmaster (which is something I like veeery much because it reminded me that it has been at least two months that I have last watched it. A fact that will be changed immediately)

November 23, 2006

Lage Raho Munnabhai - the special features

I finally got my LRM DVD late last week, and of course re-watched and re-loved the film immediately.
Now I went for the special features. I am a sucker for well made behind-the-scenes features on a DVD. They play a big big part in my buying desicions. If I ponder on whether or not to buy a certain film it´s most of the times the selection of Extras on that disc that bring about the decision for me. That and the quality of the Audiotracks and the Video encoding.

Which here it is crap. Eros really messed up (again). Whole scenes are blurry and any movement gets grainy. To an extent that really hurts the film.

But the Extra features are bilkul first class. No deleted scenes though, but then I was not really missing anything in the story during the film (other then KANK for example where the deleted scenes are necessary to understand some the characters motives).
What V.V.Chopra offers us here are almost two hours of Making-ofs, interviews and backstage chit-chat.
I especially liked the "M.B.B.S to Lage Raho" sequence. Footage on what happened after the success of M.B.B.S and comments of the crew and cast on it from today´s viewpoint.
And a to my knowledge rare sight: LOTS of comments from a very relaxed Sanjay Dutt. There is also a basanti-ish sweet Arshad Warsi with a slight sinus problem. The whole DVD is produced like a kind of family affair as we also get to hear and see Sanjay´s sisters and Arshad´s wife and kid in addition to the usual suspects of producer, director, cast and crew.
Be aware though. Like always these features are without subtitles, and here you get quite a lot of Hindi spoken parts.

So go and get the Eros disc if you want 2 hours of cool
Lage Raho Munnabhai DVD extras. If you don´t care about stuff like that, wait for a possible other future release, somebody must be able to produce a better quality video encoded DVD someday.

Hulchul - my grandma is soo much nicer

Family feuds movies can really be fun and cool. You usually have a bunch of male relatives who love to beat the crap out of the male progeny of the rival family. There is an obligatory Romeo and Juliet story. A best friend who innocently gets caught in the line of fire and serves as comic relief. Some well-meaning family members, some mean ones, vaghairah, vaghairah.
Masala all around.

Hulchul is one such movie. It had in fact a rather tough initiation with me as it was my first Priyadarshan work and as such a bit much to swallow. But I stayed the course, if only for Beth´s ki FPMBF Akshaye. And I rewatched it about a year ago and actually liked it, but by then I already had fought myself through a good share of "funnier" movies. So I was a bit more amenable to it.

The two families here consist of one purely male household, with dad Amrish Puri and his four bachelor sons Jackie Shroff, Paresh Rawal, Arbaaz Khan aur chota baccha Akshaye Khanna.

This no-women-allowed club is in deep feud with the family of a pretty vengeful Laxmi and her, apart from Suni(e)l *Yummi* Shetty, pretty wishy-washy sons. After a not too nice interference with the wedding plans of Laxmi´s granddaughter Kareena Kapoor from the side of the Puri clan, the old bat comes up with a revenge plan.

How about making Akshaye fall in love with Kareena and so plant discord in her enemies anti-wife/anti-marriage familiy?
The intial idea is really not too bad, and Akshaye´s friend Arshad *Yay* Warsi has a similar plan for him and so both of them start a naqli courtship. Visualised in one of my most favorite song sequences of all times.

But as perfect plans go, this one "surprisingly" fails miserably as Kareena and Akhaye really fall in love with each other and now have to face the wrath of both their respective families. And it gets masala-law like confusing. Loyalties get mix up - or not. We have brothers beating each other. Secrets that are unveiled. Different weddings have to be prevented by different parties. The usual. Not too terribly exciting.

And still, I like it. I mean. C´mon. Akhaye. Arshad. Suniel. Jackie. Even Arbaaz. And a really beautiful Kareena (Love the hair. Totally). Not to forget an elephant and a totally unnecessary garam item number.

November 20, 2006

Page 3 - but then, why should they be any different

On Friday I began to clean out my closet. Naa, not really. Its still a mess. But since then I keep on trying to watch movies I have bought because they either seemed interesting or where must-sees or had Sanjay or Anil in it. And are still patiently waiting to be watched. Page 3 is one of them.
It features some of my favorite actors. Boman Irani, Konkona Sen Sharma and Atul Kulkarni. Its a behind-the-scenes look on Mumbai´s high society story that sounds fascinating. It definitely is a must-see. And still. Somehow I just did not feel like watching it for a long time. But now I finally got around to put it into the DVD player.

Good thing I did. Not that I was shocked or even suprised at any of the twists and turns. But its interesting to see that, even disgused as movie characters, the "in-people" are the same and act the same in any western (or westernized) society. You could have set this thing here in Vienna as well.

Back to the film. The title refers to the page 3 in tabloids where society news and pics of parties and socialites are printed. If you make it there your "in". The story follows a young page 3 journalist as she writes her stories about moviestars, parties and the in-people.

She´s young, well liked by the people she writes nice things about, her editor and generally a nice person with a almost too naive outlook on the world around her. Her shiny partyish world starts to fall apart when first a friend gets knocked-up by a famous actor who does not take up his responsibilities. And she is forced to officially apologise to him after writing a not so nice piece about it.

Then the aspiring young actor who she fell in love with turns out to be willing to do anything for a break in the industry, which also makes her loose a supposedly close friendship.
So she tries to turn her back to the society pack and changes from page 3 to the crime beat where she gets to work with the newspapers top man, Atul Kulkarni.

And gets to know a very different side of Mumbai. One that eventually will uncover the very ugly side of the high and mighty. And due to her somewhat naive understanding on the procedures and interconnections of the media it will make her a) a pawn sacrifice in the big game and b) shed the youthful naivité that got her into that mess.

What I really liked in Page 3 was the way the characters were made to talk and act. Some of those dialogs, be it superficial party small-talk or especially the dialoges at the funeral were so real life deja-vu. My work as a sound engineer until a few years ago made me witness some of the exact same scenes. Sad? Funny? - No, human actually.

PS: My favorite side-characters were those two gate-crashers. They´re a bit too impudent, but a little gate-crashing really is fun. And you get to know interesting people if you have the guts. Or how else would two 18 year old girls have had the chance to be spoon-fed by Dennis Hopper while he was signing his photo-exhibit catalogues back in the 80ies in Salzburg?

November 18, 2006

Darna Marna Hai - don´t tell me what to do, I´ll get scared when I want to

I´m such a chicken. I don´t like horror movies. Even knowing that Darna Marna Hai is not really scary I had this DVD lying around unwatched for months now. But since I went beserk last week at the 5$ Nehaflix sale and there is a huge shipping of DVD´s on its way to me, I decided it is time to get a couple of those "unattractive" films out of the way.

Darna Marna Hai is a RGV Factory Production from 2003 and its basicly 6 short scary stories embedded into a often used (at least in Hollywood films) frame of some teenagers being stranded somewhere in the night in some wilderness, who to pass time start telling each other scary stories. So far, so unspectacular.

I wont tell you what those 6 stories are about but limit myself to short comments on each one. In liveblogging style:

- Here we go, pahli kahani: Sohail Khan. Nice. Long time no see. Antara Mali bhi. Bahut acchaa. The hand. Bhoot! Bhoot!
- Framework story makes one of the group go back to their car. Alone. In the dark. Raat ki jungle me. Very good idea. Duh!
Dusra story. Boman Irani. Saif Ali Khan. *Wheeee* And now I´m off for a cigarette. Just in spite. Story not totally new but Boman is very twisted person.

- Aaaand we loose another one of the happy unvoluntary campers.
Tisra story. Not scary. His school friends ghost haunts him. So?
- And there goes another one. Short interlude. Why is it that in stories like that the group of "friends" is actually a bunch of spoilt brats who constantly make fun of each other and in real life would not even change one word with each other?
- Back to story number char: Apples. Beautiful fresh bad apples. I just knew why they are among my least favorite fruit.
- Meanwhile back at the bonfire. One more down. Two to go.
Paanchva story: Ohh. Vive(i)k and Nana *whoohoo* Nana *shorthappydance* And I really did not see that coming. Yup that´s the story I liked most. Accha twist. And Nana *Whoohoo*

- Oh, come now. I was expecting another kid to "expire". And now there´s a new guy coming in. Let me take a wild guess. The killer?
Akhiri story: Nice. Aaftab Shivdasani. Would somebody out there please give him more roles in watchable movies? And. No. You. Don´t. Mess. With. Gifts. From. Gods. That´s just not a healthy idea.

Yes and frame story is at an end too. Here comes the spoiler. None survives. Whatever.

Lakshya - Well, I love it. Bas.

Fahran Akhtar has a pretty good track record with me. Not that there is too much to track yet. But I can wholeheartedly say that so far I really love all he has done. That´s an easy to do statement with Dil Chahta Hai. I´ve yet to come up to a person (apart from my husband) who does not love it. And I haven´t had a chance to watch Don yet.
But there is also Lakshya. And I really love that one. In fact I believe it is the one movie I watched the most so far. That often, I don´t even need the subtitles anymore.

Karan (Hritihik Roshan) is the younger son of a rich Delhi family. He lives a happy go lucky life doing actually nothing. He has a great girlfriend come fiancée in Romi (Preity Zinta). He has lots of other friends. But while just drifting along he´s mostly bored to death. One day one of his friends comes up with the idea of joining the army and since Karan has no better plan (in fact he has no plan of what to do with his life at all) he enrols as well at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun.

Not that he has any idea as to what could await him there but then Arnold Schwarzenegger looks cool in Comando. Why not? Then his dad outright forbids him to go there, so what does a spoilt rich kid do? Join the army of course. Not that its going the way he supposed it would be there. Of course he messes everything up and after being humiliated in front of everybody he decides to split. But returning home turns out to be a let-down. Romi is so disappointed with him she breaks up the engagement and his father sees his assumption of his son confirmed.

And Karan runs again. This time back to the army and for good. After his graduation Karan gets located in a Kargil regiment. Its 1999 and during a leave where he plans to meet Romi again, he finds out that she is now engaged to another man and during the same night he is called back to his unit as we are right in the early stages of the Kargil war. Karan´s regiment gets the order to recapture Peak 5179 to regain the control over "National Highway No.1".
During these events he meets Romi again. She is in the area covering the war as a correspondent for the TV station she works for.

I probably lower myself in the eyes of many a reader here, but I won´t waver. It is a cool film. Why? Let me give you some reasons:

a) Take the Cinematography by Christopher Popp. Its brilliant. The opening credits part in Leh. Or the song visualisation in Agar Main Kahoon.

b) Hrithik Roshan. His acting is top notch. He is so very much believable in the Delhi parts. And I so can really relate to his aimlessness.

c) Hrithik. Dance god. Not only the "Main Aisa Kyun Hoon" insanity. Its so great to watch the ease he moves himself in "Agar Main Kahoon"

d) Boman Irani. He´s simply great as a father who has no connection to his "good for nothing" son.

e) The characters: Karan himself. Extremely well mannered. I love it that he raises from the couch when Romis mother comes into the room. The way he has so absolutely no own visions. When his friend says that instead of joining the army he will do an MBA in the U.S.A. Karan´s anger is gone in 30 seconds and he is already contemplaiting about doing the MBA himself.

f) Great oneliners. E.g. Karan tells Romy that he intends to join the army. Romy meets that statement with disbelief and Karan conters "I feel my country needs me" in a perfectly pathetic voice. Before that in the gym with his dad: Karan asks him why he is not at the office and to his fathers reply that he never goes to his office on Sundays, Karan replies: "Oh, it´s Sunday?"

g) Now for the problematic part. The join-the-army-become-a-man thing. Well, here´s my take.
That Karan joins it in the first place is just a coincidence and even if he denies it, pure defiance. I think he could have ended anywhere.
His later return to Dehradun happens due to mere circumstances. He, feeling like a failure anyway for running, has his fiancée breaking up with him and finally hears what his fathers thinks about him. And so he breaks down. The IMA, in that moment, is the only place left for him. Now he completely brakes with his former life, and since he is in fact a nice, intelligent guy and who has now also shed his cocky ego, he is able to fit in perfectly.
The way I see it Karan already becomes a man when his life breaks down around him. And when he gathers himself after his breakdown he takes the adult decision to finish his army training. Since that´s all he has got now.

I admit, not everything is perfect in Lakshya and during the war scenes there are some pathetic patriotic statements. Magar I have suffered through L.O.C Kargil (all of it!!) so I´m thankful for every inch of improvement above that one in the depiction of the Pakistan/India conflicts. And the good parts outweigh the "groan" ones here by far.

Lakshya is not everybody´s piece of cake. But I do sincerely believe that you should give it a chance and try to look over the obvious interpretation of the army parts. Especially if the army parts look that good..

Btw. I have lakhs of screenshots from Lakshya but I can only put so much of them in a post, so for additional eyecandy, I uploaded more on to

November 17, 2006

Dharmputra - I´m in dire need to see that climax.

Argghh can anybody pleeease tell me what happened in this movie from the time when Dilip charges into Bano´s house and his adoptive parents try to stop him from setting it on fire? The bloody Yashraj Forever Classics DVD is broken from that point on. Right when the climax starts! Oh I hate that. Main bahut naaraaz hoon.

But I´m getting ahead of myself.

Dharmputra is a cool film. Yash Chopra´s second direction. And Shashi´s first adult role. And epecially for 1961 a pretty courageous story.

Husn Bano (Mala Sinha) is pregnant from a man her father (Ashok Kumar) does not approve of. With the help of Amrit the son of her fathers late friend she goes to Simla to give birth to a son which is adopted by Amrit and his wife.

So this by birth Muslim boy grows up in a Hindu family only to become an Hindu extremist giving fiery speeches and as the liner note on the DVD state "takes his religion to be his national identity" His political stance hits home when during the communal riots of 1947 he starts to agitate against his muslim neighbours, unaware to the fact that they are in fact his biological parents (Bano was able to get married to the father of her child after all).

What I really liked about the script is that Yash Chopra gave made his characters deliver some bold statements. They are all of course in a lecturing manner, directed at the films audience but Yash Chopra managed to incorporate most of them very smoothly into the storyline. E.g. the dispute between Dilip and his adoptive mother about the need for religions to advance themselves continuously.

I am totally unexperienced with Hindi movies of the early 60ies, so I don´t have any idea if Dharmputra is something special in that concern. But what I know is that I really liked the fashion in which Yash Chopa told the story, its pace, most of the ten songs, and obviously Shashi Kapoor.
All reasons why I´m very much displeased with my not being able to watch tha freakin´ climax!

Batchao. Pretty please?

November 16, 2006

Anthony Kaun Hai? - Flashback. Interesting.*

Arshad Warsi´s character has some serious problems in this movie. He for one thinks this hairstyle is cool:

He also gets to spend some time in a Thai prison. And later on he even gets a visit from hitman Sanjay Dutt and is left hanging head first from the 33rd floor.

But first things first.
Professional hitman Master Madan gets the job to kill a guy called Anthony Gonsalves (!). Problem is, said Anthony insists on not being the one he´s looking for. So as Madan has some time to kill (bad pun intended) anyway Champ/Anthony/Arshad gets the chance to tell the tale on how he ended up in this apartment calling himself Anthony Gonzalves.
It is a story containing stolen diamonds, carrier pigeons, nakhli beards and wigs, beautiful Thai beaches, a singing cop (Gulshan Grover), some smaller and bigger cons,
an ill-advised ID fraud aur kuch acchi ladki.

I never heard of the Hollywood original "Who is Cletis Tout?" so the story was new to me and even if not the most exciting one, pretty neat. But who am I kidding, I of course watched the movie for Arshad and Sanjay. And their joint scenes in the frame-plot are especially cool.

Sanjay gets the chance to deliver some great one-liners*, be a cool cat and drive a red Ferrari convertible and Arshad is actually sweet and, well, I just counted and Anthony Kaun Hai is my tenth movie with him in it, the third as main lead and it´s the best of those three. Just be prepared for a very non-Circuit performance.

November 15, 2006

Om Jai Jagadish - family first

There is this great old villa on Juhu beach. Gulmohar Villa. Its is owned by the Batra family. Mom (Waheeda Rehman) and her three sons live there.

Om (Anil Kapoor) the eldest has taken over the role of the caretaker ever since is father died and brought up his younger brothers. Jai (Fardeen Khan) does actually not live in the house since he is in the States studying to become a car designer with the goal to build the "fastest car in the world". And then there is chota bhai, Jagdish (Abhishek Bachchan) still in college, terrific in sports and computers, always short in cash but a real nice guy. Om works at a record company and takes loans on the house from his boss to finance Jai education. Not wise. As bad boss will take said loan one day to really send family in trouble. But first sab teek hai.

Om finds very nice biwi (Mahima Chaudhry) and has very sweet son. Jai finds NRI girl (Urmila Matondkar) in Atlanta and they move back to Mumbai to get married. That´s when the trouble start. The new bahu doesn´t get along with the conservative values of her in-laws and to add to their woes, Jagadish lands himself into a big mess at the college. So the happy days are gone in Gulmohar Villa. And the brothers go their own ways. And then it gets even worse.

Om Jai Jagadish was Anupam Khers directoral debut. And he dishes up some highly emotional drama. With endearing characters. In my quest to watch all AB 2.0 films I stumbled upon this small gem more then a year ago and I still love it. Whenever I need a healthy dose of family values, a soaking wet AB 2.0 walking out of the surf and some tear jerking drama I pop it into the DVD player and just feel good watching it. And I dream of living in
Gulmohar Villa.

November 13, 2006

Umrao Jaan - guest post

Right after watching surviving Umrao Jaan on sunday, I wanted to write a real witty sharp post. Then I went over to Katrins (of mission BAS fame) Blog and read her review. She said it all. So I took her permission to translate the review into English and post it here for your reading pleasure.

Umrao Lame

Last friday Umrao Jaan played in Munich and ever since I´m trying to decide whether I liked it at all. The answer is and remains: Uhmm. In parts. Now and then. Whenever nobody is talking. Especially when Aish is dancing. That´s something she is divine at and thank god does quite often here. So you´re at least left with something to watch, instead of fighting sleep. Unfortunatly something went considerably wrong on the dramaturical side of Umrao Jaan.

But first the positive: I already brought up Aishs drop to your knees worthy dances, they are so awesome, you can´t mention that often enough. What is more, she looks fantastic. Most notably in her breathtaking costumes, which I this minute want to have in my wardrobe. All of them. Abhishek is yummi without end, even though his acting is not on a par. The casting of the side characters is posh - I, as usual, did not get myself informed before the film so I sat in the cinema and had to crow internally, Aruna!!
The only real weak point in the cast is Sun(e)i(e)l Shetty, who is pretty much flagging and also got
to wear that stupid Aladdin dress. The costumes and sets otherwise are wonderfully sumptuous. Every corner shines and sparkles. In short: A feast for the eyes that needs to be seen on the big screen. If. If you are prepared to ignore the fact that Umrao Jaan is crap damatization wise.
(Actually most of the time I think it is pretty stupid to see a remake only in comparison to the original, but I can´t refrain from a few comparative comments) Even the 1981 adaption is not really an action thriller, it´s more a very quiet, partly almost hypnotic film. A good deal only gets hinted at, only few things are explained - sometimes as a viewer you almost feel left alone, as a lot is left to your own interpretation (Especially if you are dependent on the subtitles that are supposedly not that good)

The screenwriters of the new film supposedly were asked to much of - the makers in any case decided that everything needs to be explained so that even the last mobilephone user in the audience got what was told. And then a bit more. Since it might be that somebody did not pay attention for the last 10 minutes. So everything is retold. In fact every spoken word and everything that has been narrated. More then once. Often. And just to be on the safe side. Once more.

And as if that wasn´t enough, the dialogs are staged in a way that is visually appealing but still leading to aggression after 10 minutes. The actors - first of all Aish and Abhishek - are almost not allowed to act. The have to declaim their dialogues in aesthetically draped poses, perfect for beautiful screenshots, but drop dead boring if you are forced to watch for 3 hours.

That´s especially true for the 2 days hours before the intermission. After it you get quite a lot of plot strung together and parts one expected more of in fast succession. Frustration almost garanteed.
By the way. The story line has been through quite some changes in comparison to the 1981 film. Which e.g. leads to some characters being depicted in a more negative way in the new version. I thought these changes to be quite interesting (something had to keep me from falling asleep..) and now I´m pretty curious about the novel, which I have to get soon. I´m dying to know which picturization is closer to the novel. I had the impression that the new one was more novel like then the Rekha one, especially because of the "literary" frame plot in which an old Umrao Jaan narrates her life´s story to Mirza Ruswa (that was meant to be him, wasn´t it?) - but I can also be totally wrong.

Conclusion desired? If you don´t have anything better to do and want to treat your eyes to some eyecandy go and preferably watch it on the big screen. On the other hand you could also go and clean your bathroom or do your taxes, that´s for sure more fun but not that beautiful. Although. If you have a bath like the one in the movie....

Vah. Vah. I can pretty much second every word. Except maybe for the Suniel part. The scene in Umraos chamber where he, overwhelmed by passion/emotion/whatever takes off his turban led to a collective sigh in the female audience.