November 13, 2006

Run - and running Maddy does

This is the original to the 2004 Hindi version of Run with AB2.0. And somewhere deep down there is just a plain (and rather short) boy-meets-girl-girls-brother-doesn´t-approve story.

It´s just a tiny tiny bit on the violent side. And has an very very annoying comedy side track.
I know, Vivek is a huge comedy star doing some sort of Jonny Lever routine here. I really can´t tell if he is more or less funny/annoying/unnecessary. Because I made heavy use of the FFW button whenever he came up here. Actually if somebody can tell me, what relevance he had to the storyline apart from interupting the narration, I would be very glad.
The main story: Arjun (Madhavan) comes to Chennai to study and on the first day sees/meets a girl that he head over heals falls in love with.

Its just a bit difficult to persuade her, as she tries to constantly disuade him. We find out that her brother, a Don (Atul Kolkarni *wohooooo*), is not very comfortable with her having any suitors. So its healthier for the male population of Chennai and especially to the functionality of their limbs to keep their distance to her. Its just that Arjun does not care. He wants her and after a while she wants him right back.

So he gets thrashed and keeps on thrashing the guys that are sent after him, even if his family has to bear some of the wrath of the Don. He keeps on until the final confrontation. Film khatm.

Not much of a story and not really a highlight of Maddys hoeuvre. But he is kinda cool. As is Atul. Meera Jasmine does not have too much to do but is sweet. And then there is Vivek. But I seem to have mentioned him before.


babasko said...

who doesn´t? ts ts michael.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a crazy bee" *sing*
I think the movie is very far from being good but the first song always makes me cheer up no matter what. What crazy person did this choreography? A bad dance instructor maybe but a comedy genius!