November 18, 2006

Darna Marna Hai - don´t tell me what to do, I´ll get scared when I want to

I´m such a chicken. I don´t like horror movies. Even knowing that Darna Marna Hai is not really scary I had this DVD lying around unwatched for months now. But since I went beserk last week at the 5$ Nehaflix sale and there is a huge shipping of DVD´s on its way to me, I decided it is time to get a couple of those "unattractive" films out of the way.

Darna Marna Hai is a RGV Factory Production from 2003 and its basicly 6 short scary stories embedded into a often used (at least in Hollywood films) frame of some teenagers being stranded somewhere in the night in some wilderness, who to pass time start telling each other scary stories. So far, so unspectacular.

I wont tell you what those 6 stories are about but limit myself to short comments on each one. In liveblogging style:

- Here we go, pahli kahani: Sohail Khan. Nice. Long time no see. Antara Mali bhi. Bahut acchaa. The hand. Bhoot! Bhoot!
- Framework story makes one of the group go back to their car. Alone. In the dark. Raat ki jungle me. Very good idea. Duh!
Dusra story. Boman Irani. Saif Ali Khan. *Wheeee* And now I´m off for a cigarette. Just in spite. Story not totally new but Boman is very twisted person.

- Aaaand we loose another one of the happy unvoluntary campers.
Tisra story. Not scary. His school friends ghost haunts him. So?
- And there goes another one. Short interlude. Why is it that in stories like that the group of "friends" is actually a bunch of spoilt brats who constantly make fun of each other and in real life would not even change one word with each other?
- Back to story number char: Apples. Beautiful fresh bad apples. I just knew why they are among my least favorite fruit.
- Meanwhile back at the bonfire. One more down. Two to go.
Paanchva story: Ohh. Vive(i)k and Nana *whoohoo* Nana *shorthappydance* And I really did not see that coming. Yup that´s the story I liked most. Accha twist. And Nana *Whoohoo*

- Oh, come now. I was expecting another kid to "expire". And now there´s a new guy coming in. Let me take a wild guess. The killer?
Akhiri story: Nice. Aaftab Shivdasani. Would somebody out there please give him more roles in watchable movies? And. No. You. Don´t. Mess. With. Gifts. From. Gods. That´s just not a healthy idea.

Yes and frame story is at an end too. Here comes the spoiler. None survives. Whatever.


Anonymous said...

I'm just glad that I am not the only person who loses all traces of rationality at the Nehaflix $5 sale.

The Exinator said...

darna mana hai was quite enjoyable but darna zaroori hai (suppose 2 b a sequel) was quite bad... now there's a 3rd part comin out to the darna league of movie- darna bekaar hai :)

Maja said...

I haven't even heard of this movie before, but this review was very fun to read :D
I quite like a horror movie from time to time (not the slasher ones though, ew), I might have to look for this one. It doesn't sound all that great, but I'm curious about the Nana and Vivek story, at least!

Aparna said...

I liked the nana-vivek story the most...and i liked Vivek being suave and all that...
I also liked the Sohail Khan story....and the Saif Ali-Boman irani, strictly for the acting.

babasko said...

vivek was really good, yes.

i guess i would rank the stories like that:

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

$5=good times. Very good times.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find these horror or scary as much as I found them freaky and amusing. They probably weren't meant to be laughed at but I found them hilarious enough to watch the stories a few times, actually. Especially the Shilpa Shetty story & Boman-Saif. I'm semi curious by the "sequel" Darna Zaroori Hai, which has the same format.

babasko said...

@beth: problem with 5$ sale is this time it became a 77$ sale...but hey 14 times the fun :D

@sanni: hi! and yes, the scary factor really is pretty low. from what i read about DZH i think i shall pass that one.

babasko said...

hi S.S. thanx for the compliment and yes, i heard the DZH is much worse. so i guess i´ll skip that one :-)

Unknown said...

Vivek and nanas was di best part ...
and Saif with boman was watchable...

but dont even try to watch the second one it sucked big time..and u will loose all ur intrest in horror movies and will start sighing all through out ---