November 26, 2006

Plan - well researched intelligence is the key

And we´re back with the not so bright part of the male population. This time it´s four of them. Meeting on the train to Mumbai where they are all headed for one reason or the other, some male bonding happens instantly. They decide to stick together in the big bad city. Dino Morea is convinced to be the next Bollywood superstar. Bikram Baluja heads there to find his lost love. Sanjay Suri is a genius with poker cards and Rohit Roy just wants to make it big.

So when after a few days they are relieved of their already few assets in a rigged card game, they need to come up with a plan to get money fast or it is back to were they came from. And Omi (Rohit Roy - the one who took the fast way down from the roof top in Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena) has lots of plans.
The thing is just that a plan, as the name suggests, needs to be carefully planned otherwise you just call it an idea. And as movie history has shown us for decades now, a very carefully developed scheme is especially crucial when said project involves unlawful elements. So a "lets just kidnapp this guy, he looks rich, I saw him throw around money in that bar twice and he´s dressed expensive" is not the kind preparation that smells of success.

And guess what? Turns out sharp looking guy is Mussabhai. A don. DUH! And at least in the beginning not too amused with the guys. What saves their neck is that by kindnapping Mussabhai they probably saved his life since there are some business accociates that want to kill him. Trusting his own people is out of the question so our quartet is recruited to help Mussa clean up.

The problem with Plan is that it takes ages for the story to get into some sort of motion. It took me 3 tries to get over the first hour. The introduction of the four guys is so not interesting. I made it through only due to the prospect of Sanjay showing up at one point in the film. And if you can brave that too, you are rewarded with a very cool Sanjay Dutt. Usual White Feathers/Sanjay Gupta fare, but who am I to complain. I love me my debonair gangster Bhai.

And as I expected the importance of the female parts in the film to only be close to wall decoration that didn´t bother me too much.
Although Priyanka Chopra playing Mussabhai´s shaadi proposal nagging girlfriend has some (tiny) nice moments (apart from a very scary make-up in her entrance item number)

One scene I loved: Dino (the aspiring actor) acting out the "Dekh Ma, pura 50 Dollar" scene from Vastaav (original here, starts at ca. 2:00) very amateurish to a tied up Sanjay.

That boy´s got guts.

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