November 07, 2006

Ghulam - I knew why boxing just wasn´t for me

First things first. The Bhatts had Rani Mukherjees voice dubbed in this movie? Pagal hain?

Ok, now what do we have here:

Orphaned mid-twenties boy lives in neighbourhood where Sharat Saxena is the big honcho. Aamirs elder brother is bookkeeper for Honcho and Aamir himself just hangs with his friends and does a little boxing. One day he encounters biker gang and khoobsurat ladki who hangs out with them. After "rebel without a cause" game Aamir gets the girl and all looks quite ok for him.

Then he meets social worker who tries to help people in neighbourhood to get rid of big evil Honcho but instead is himself getting rid of, permanently. Aamir, being partly involved with that is very shaken and now struggles to find the right path which would also mean that his brother would go to prison. So quite a conflict of interest for Aamir as killed social worker turns out to be girls brother too.

Being a movie from 1998 Ghulam still has that early nintyish feeling to it. Lots of fights. Revenge parts. Terrible clothes. Songs that don´t fit into the movie most of the time. The movie should be bad, but having Aamir playing mighty fine it still works somehow - especially if you are into shots of a sweaty bloodied Aamir Khan.

And you get him singing "Aati Kya Kandala"

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