April 05, 2011


Yes. I´m still alive. And no, I really haven´t watched Indian films for a while. So posting about it was kind of superfluous. There were mainly two reasons for my return to American and British television as main occupance whenever I have the time:
There are no Indian films in Viennese cinemas anymore. Yes, you get the odd Sholay-KKKG-Water Indian film retrospective but the one cinema who used to show Eros releases turned to Turkish movies apart from the standard western fare, and the tour operator who did those single shows of some films now stays in Germany only. When staying in India in 2008 I went and watched at least 2 films a week at the Satyam. And I found out that watching with a crowd increases the fun tenfold, which makes even mediocre films fun. 
And then right when I came back there were not any films I was willing to shell out $20+ on DVD. We not only do not have Indian films in cinemas here, our Indian grocery stores also only sell pirated DVDs. And I really not want those.
So I stopped and spent my time and money on different things. Doctor Who! Torchwood! Castle! Californication!

But recently I found I missed my Hindi, Tamil and Telugu heroes and heroines and I stumbled upon Wake Up, Sid! on the iTunes Music Store. I took it as a sign, rented it and thus my Bollywood dry spell finally ended last Sunday.

So, will I watch more? Probably. I have some films lying around at home that wait to be watched. Let´s see if I return to writing about them as well. In the meantime you can keep up with what´s going on in my life on my Tumblr or on Twitter.