January 14, 2007

Minnale and 12B - didn´t I watch these stories before?

That just shows my luck at picking DVD´s. Didn´t watch any films for more then two weeks and then I pick those from my huge still-need-to-be-watched pile that are, in the case of 12B a Tamil remake of a British movie I didn´t like too much, and in the case of Minnale the 1:1 Tamil Original to the first movie I reviewed on this blog: Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein.

So I can make this short. For the story of Minnale go the RHTDM post and replace Saif Ali Khan with Abbas (whom I never liked that much) and Diya Mirza with Reema Sen.

My watching RHTDM is a gazillion of movies ago but I still think I liked the Hindi remake better then the Tamil Original.
Mostly because I could not sympathize a bit with Abbas, whereas liking Saif (and the way he played his character) made the heartbreak in the twist a bit more satisfying.

12B is a Tamil version of Sliding Doors with a little different twist. Here we have the guy (Shaam) missing/not missing the bus #12B one fine day and we watch what happens to his love life simultanously in both unfolding storylines.

In one life he gets the girl he was running after (Jyothika) and gets his share of trouble and in the other he doesn´t, and gets another share of problems as he takes ages to find what he has in another girl (Simran) he meets.
Michael at
bollywoodblog.de (warning: german text) didn´t like the climax/epilogue. Me neither. One thing in favor of 12B though: there is a special appearance of Suni(e)l Shetty. And he gets soaking wet bhi. Not as good as having John Hannah in Sliding doors, but hey, who am I to complain.


Maja said...

I've only seen Sliding Doors out of all these films you mention, and even that was ages ago. But I just wanted to say I really like John Hannah :D

Anonymous said...

John Hannah - Ohhh neat, a Woman with teast. ;)


Anonymous said...

I saw RHTDM after I saw Minnale and liked Minnale better - though found both pretty mediocre. Diya Mirza is slightly better than Reema Sen, as Reema looks pained when she cries. I'm a Saif fan of large proportions and he was okay in RHTDM but Maddy was somehow more likable in Minnale.

Still, the experience has made me avoid remakes. Though there are some I *have to* watch, like the upcoming Ghajini remake with Aamir.

Anonymous said...

both thse movies , their stories really happened in my life...as one story combined. the reason why i still watch these movies whenever i have a chance...

the acting in 12B especially of that of Simran and Shaam is one of the best i had seen in those years of the early 2000s..both these movies though may not be original , they make it up with superb performances by the cast and music composer ( Harris Jayaraj)

Anonymous said...

12B was a good movie. Minnale was good too
Both touched many people's lives as they are very close to reality...

i am sure in one point of everyone's lives, such events as portrayed in the 2 films have happened...as contary to the disclamier message u find before the start of the opening credits or a close resemblance to actual events...in this case is not purely co incidental

Anonymous said...

12B was a failure but it had heart.
One of the movies where u really have to watch repeated times to appreciate its value. IT slowly grows on u after repeated watchings