July 02, 2007

Dil To Pagal Hai. I had nothing better to do

Just like any healthy human I sometimes get cravings for various stuff.
Spr√ľngli Truffes for example. Or Sushi. Or sitting beside the ocean watching the sunset. Yesterday after again stumbling over the Aaja Nachle stills on the Yash Raj site my life would have ended on the spot if I had to live one more moment without watching a Madhuri Dixit film.

Thankfully I have some of them at home. And since
this pic of SRK of last week made me loose my cool too, I thought why not combine the two. And to make it three I decided to give one DVD a try that has been lying unwanted and unwatched around for at least two years. Dil to Pagal Hai.

Why didn´t I watch it before? Well, I´m not too fond of Karisma Kapoor. And the only time I tried DTPH before was short after I watched Raja Hindustani where I really hated her (sorry

And that´s when the DVD went to the bottom of the "to be watched" stack and lingered there until yesterday.
So for all those who haven´t seen it either:
Rahul (SRK - who else) is a singer/director who has a dancecompany that does fairly successful naachgaana shows. His female star dancer is Nisha, who in addition to being his best friend also happens to be madly (and of course secretly) in love with Rahul. Who in spite of producing one tearjerking love story show after the other is completely alien to the concept of love. So far so nothing-new.

Now Nisha has a small accident while rehearsing for the show that is in production and leaves the play without a female star. Enter Pooja (Madhuri) an orphan who grew up with her aunty, uncle and cousin Ajay (Akshay Kumar). Guess what, his best friend love turned into the real thing a while ago (quel surprise!). Oh and did I tell you that Pooja is convinced that for every human there is a perfect match made in heaven. (And Ajay is not it)

Oh and of course she dances like a godess.

The rest is as sweet and harmless to watch as it is predictable. Pooja fills in for Nisha. Ajay asks Pooja to marry him. Pooja despite not loving him and thus betraying her believes says yes. Nisha gets drunk and confesses her love to Rahul. Rahul falls in love with Pooja. Pooja falls in love with Rahul. They both sacrifice their love on the altar of obligations/friendship/inanity. And all live un-happily ever after? Oh, c´mon its a Yash Chopra movie. No points for guessing.

There are a lot of songs in DTPH and a lot of late 1990ies gym-clothes. And the steroptypical Rahul, a pleasantly nice Karisma, way to little of Akshay Kumar and my fix of Madhuri.
Dancing, smiling and being the devine loveable Madhuri I so missed. There is way better fare out there but for a hot summer afternoon this was one perfect, harmless timepass.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Ah! We meld minds across continents! I rented that last week too. I never finished it when I first watched it two years ago. What a hole in my Bollywood education. I'll be back to compare notes after I finish it tomorrow.

Movie Mazaa said...

Awwww!! So u hv a fix for Mads too?????

Am glad to hear thatttttt!!

Did u get to watch the Karan Johar show on which Mads was the guest???

babasko said...

hi velu. oh yesss. here´s a big time madhuri fan. and no i only so parts of the KwK with her and rani yet. is it good?

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I watched this too last week and came in with a prejudice against Karisma Kapoor, not even wanting to like her. I must confess I wept at her scene on the beach, "I'm a bad girl! I'm a bad, bad girl" I thought it was so freaky but SRK to the rescue and in his delightfully overacting way says,"No I'll tell you who is bad it's him (pointing to heaven) who makes A love B and B love C!" I wept for Nisha's pain. I actually cried real sobs at this scene, and watched it twice! A few days after seeing the moive I was dumped for another woman, so OF COURSE I identified with Nisha, and have that SRK A B C mantra to sooth my wounded dil.
The supplemental disc with the filmfare footage was cool. SRK was silly. Madhuri dedicated her award to those who thought she was too old for the roll, telling them this award makes them WRONG. Karisma wears a manish suit and praises her mother.

RAno* said...

its a good film i loveed itt

Alan said...

Kya?! You don't like my girl? I am shocked and appalled.

But seriously... I've watched the film a few times (surprise surprise) and have always enjoyed it. Hmmm, maybe it needs an Alan-style review.