September 20, 2007

Restart. Even I can recognize a sign when I hear it

What does yesterdays "the Police" concert in Vienna have to do with the end of my blogging hiatus?

Ketan Anand. Stuttgart. And Ehsaan Noorani. An early phone interview this morning.... Kya? What is she talking about?

Ok, let me start at the beginning. I came home from Stuttgart in July and despite being super motivated by meeting all the great people I did there and having the time of my life, I just had to take a break from posting. I had a great summer. Workload at office was ok, Eros started screening their movies (Partner, My Father Gandhi, Heyy Babyy) at release-time in a Multiplex here, Birgit came home from India and there were rumours of a big Bollywood production shooting from September in Austria. But I just did not feel like blogging. So I decided that if things got even more relaxed I would start again..
Well the last 3 weeks have been hell, workwise and with so much happening here in Vienna, so I thought I might take a little more time off.
And then we went to the Police concert yesterday. You know the Sting, Steward Copeland, Synchronicity, Every Breath You Take - kind of Police. A concert I´ve been waiting to attend since 1983 (!) The guys came on stage. And I remembered an anecdote Ketan Anand told us in Stuttgart.
Sometime during the Eighties the Police were in Mumbai and staying at the Anand´s house on the beach in Juhu. The day the guys were supposed to leave
, Steward Copeland (the drummer) decided that he just had to take a camel ride on the beach. To make a short story even shorter, an idea that sounded harmless (just like a LOT of ideas do when certain substances are involved in the idea-finding process) turned out to be just the opposite since the camel took off with him for hours and they almost missed their plane...
What ever. All of a sudden a Bollywood connection was even there (Especially since the guy standing in front of me at the concert was smoking weed LOL)
Then this morning I had a phone interview scheduled with Ehsaan of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy for the German Bollywood magazine I sometimes write for and when I called instead of the usual ringing sound "don´t stand so close to me" by Police was playing. And as it turned out Ehsaan Noorani is a huge Police fan.
If this is no sign then what is, hai naa? I had a perfect reason to start blogging again.

So I´m back. This time for good. Workload is still hell, but maybe that is another perfect reason to write anyway.


umananda said...

Juhu!!!! glad you are back. hehehe @ketan...

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

The world is a small place, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back! I'm hoping for more exciting and funny stories from you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi - glad you are back

and... you mentioned that somewhere in vienna they have multiplex screenings of several films .... where?!?!? please tell!! It seems they do not list them in the movie theater programs?

thank you!

babasko said...

hi ed,

the multiplex is the UCI-millenium city in the 20th district. they dont have any movie running at the moment. it is always one movie at a time. but the next two films are from october 12th bhool bhulayia and from november 9th om shanti om will be played.

Anonymous said...

Funny. You know, there was an incident like that in Stuttgart. At the Bombay Boogie Night Josh Hamilton came up to me, because he recognised the band-t-shirt I was wearing. Turns out, those Outsourced guys were actually friends with "the long winters" (who are great, by the way). Weird, the things that can happen at Bollywood Festivals, hai naa?

Anonymous said...

I want to go to Vienna! Here in Berlin there's absolutely no cinema which plays Bollywood movies.
And I'm very curios of your opinion about "Heyy Babyy". I think you don't like the movie, right?

babasko said...

@vera: thats the beauty of it. even 2 months after it, i have to giggle when i think about certain moments there :D

@mike: sorry. i´ll have to disappoint you. i actually liked it. even my non-bw husband, whom i dragged into it, had a ball watching it.

Anonymous said...

That's a real surprise! :)
In your post "Bhool Bhulayiaa" you wrote "3)...Maybe that will make me forget her (Vidya Balan) Heyy Babyy performance."
I think you meant this in a negative way so I thought you may not like the movie at all. :)

Anonymous said...


You have finally awoken from your d-e-e-e-e-eep sleep!!!

Shaabash mere sher!!

Welcome back....

babasko said...

Steeeeve. Hi. I did it. I did it :D

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