November 21, 2007

Fun in the snow.

So MiniKhan had a lot of fun meeting all those great people at the OSO premiere and we all were partying pretty hard. But he had no time to recover and relax after it, as he had to accompany me to work and help me teaching my filmmusic classes.

And then one morning last week he woke me up all excited because it had been snowing all night. And even when I warned him that his wardrobe was not too suitable for that kind of weather, he insisted on building a snowman.

..And had a ball doing it. So much, in fact, that he nagged me into taking him to the mountains to get some more. But that is a different story...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came here through that weird spam thing that linked to your blog. It is the snowboarding one. I wrote a post on the 9th, and now there is my post on that blog. Yours was in the other blogs. You might find it as a link in your blog stats. I am on wordpress, so I am not sure how yours works. Anyway, I am doing a post on wondering why these things are popping up, and so I came to see who else has been targeted. I guess it could get us some traffic, after all, I visited you and just might again. I have a lady from Germany on my blog roll who writes in German and English.

Actually, I think I may have visited you once before, but I am not sure when.

Anyway, cute story and photos.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Hooray! He lives! I knitted him a sweater but keep forgetting to send it to you - clearly he needs it! Maybe I can song-teleport it to him....

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