February 11, 2008

Have Macbook Air. Will Post.

Hi, sorry for the lack of updates. But there has been just too much going on in my private (yes I do have one) and work-related live.

So just a short update to tell you all is well.
We already do have quite an impressive line-up for the Bloggermeeting in Munich. So far we´re running at 35 registrations (mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Beth is so far again the lone "international" party. And she is having nightmares about being forced to speak German. So. You out there. Show some compassion. Join her.)

Then another important thing. If you´re located in Europe and are able to read German. Go and vote for the 5th Annual Central European Bollywood Awards. Just click here. Results will be announced on March 8th at the PEIBBM in Munich.

Oh and concerning the title of this entry. Its only to make Michael go green with envy ;-)

MiniKhan and I had a blast unpacking it yesterday evening.


Anonymous said...

bad girl.
will not read this blog again.

for the next 3 mins.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Let's boycott her, Michael!

It's not so much being forced to speak German as it is having to speak German but not being able to express myself due to my sheer ignorance. Having to speak German in German-speaking countries is...um...normal. :)

All I ask is that the gossip gets translated!

Anonymous said...

I'll sign up for the boycott! *pout*

Don't worry Beth - you'll do great!

Have I mentionned lately that I'm positively bouncing with excitement????

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Me too! I leave in sechzehn Tage!

veracious said...

I would if I could. But I'm in London/England then, and that's kind of Bollytastic in itself! :D