May 18, 2008

How time flies

As I am writing this, I sit in the lobby of my hotel in Chennai, waiting for the transport that will take me to the airport to catch my flight home. It is a bit surreal. Outside there are almost 40 degree Celsius. In the lobby it is freezing cold and they play the Best of Kenny G CD. Just now the song is Winter Wonderland. Oh I love it here.

The trip was busy and stressy and fun. I did not manage to see much apart from the taxi rides and offices and hotelrooms. So my filme experiences mainly consisted of in-flight entertainment. That means I got to see Vel (with Surya and Asin) on the flight to India which I liked. And 4 (!) times parts of Welcome on my domestic flights with Kingfisher. Why of all the films in the world did it have to be Welcome? There is one single good scene in it and that is when Anil Kapoor makes his extortion call to Paresh Rawal who thinks it is a prank call. I love the way Nana Patekar cracks up laughing. Then I watched the Kolkata Knight Riders get destroyed by Mumbai on TV. Oh and I managed to buy the Dusavatharam Soundtrack and the Raijnikanth Biography. Had no chance to listen in on the soundtrack though. My Macbook Air does not have a CD drive..

Now for the really cool part. As of today it is confirmed. I get to come back to India. Very soon. In early July. And then I will stay for at least 3 months. So all you people I was not able to visit this time. I´ll be coming to hound you..

I managed to put some pics up on flickr. They are mainly shot from inside of our car. But in Delhi I even had 3 hours time for some sightseeing. Yay.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...


Anonymous said...

Arre wah! :) You did it!

I cannot wait until you come back and tell us all about your Indian adventures.

The photos are great!


Anonymous said...

What will you be doing? I am so jealous :-)

Great photos too.

babasko said...

I´ll be working as a consultant for the Indian branches of the media technology college I work for. That means train the trainer, build shoot floors and soundstudios and help with the implementation of new courses. Yay!

Anonymous said...

heehee @ welcome

and welcome home! how do you feel now, incredible india desires?

glad youve got the job; congrats!!!

ps; checked your pix but didnt found any prove you have been there; tsts

lots of love from bollphil marokko!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.

Jai said...


Got to read ur blog thanks to 'Times of India'. It is great to know ur interest in Indian (not bollywood aloen) movies. I am an indian (a tamilian by tongue). I havent read the blog completely, but giving u a short list of must-watch indian movies, that u might have missed.

1] Nayagan (tamil)- Godfather-inspired, Mani ratnam, Kamal

2] Thalapathy(tamil) - Maniratnam, Rajnikanth

3] Iruvar (tamil)- Maniratnam (supposedly Maniratnam's best till date....but can appreciate only with the 60-70's political knowledge of tamilnadu)

4] Ardh Satya (hindi)- Om puri

5] Kabhi haan, kabhi naa (hindi) - my fav SRK till date...(even SRK says its close to his heart)

6]Mounam Pesiyadhe (tamil) - Surya got his frist comm success with this..and cute trishaa too

.......let me know to discuss more....i am a big movie buff

-jayanthan r

babasko said...

hi jai. welcome :)

thats a great list. thanx. the ratnam movies have been on my must-watch list for a long time. thank you for reminding me.

it is rather difficult (or very expensive) to get non-hindi films here in europe. so i hope that i will be able to get a lot of them come july when i go back to chennai.. :D

Jai said...


Ya was just thinking yst....when one of ur posts mentions MOZHI (translates to language). It one of her career befining roles.

Heard of Raj Kapoor ? he is the grandfather of the Saawariya ranbir kapoor...he was a craze in Russia in the 50s-60s. Letme know i can share a i have watched Indian movies (I watch Tamil, hindi, kannada, telugu, malayalam) since childhood.

Have a nice day.


The Witch King of Rohtak said...
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The Witch King of Rohtak said...

hey...great to read your blog! Thanks to a story on you guys by a newspaper. Really like your insights on some movies, though I don't agree with your view on Welcome. ;)

One advice, if you haven't, watch Aamir. Not the star, the movie. Just released. Its said to be one of the best movies ever.

Unknown said...

Hey was reading the Blogs from Uma (Birgit) and she asked me to read yours ..
I love di way you guyz use Hinglish ...
Its wonderfull...
So started off with this blog and hope to complete all your blogs with sweet Comments ...



babasko said...

hi srikar. welcome. looking forward for your comments :D

Jai said...


new hindi movie 'Aamir' (nothing to with Aamir Khan) great....qute unique to bollywood standards..

Kind of inspired by it

Unknown said...


ya.... Aamir is quite good itseems...
have read the review and many of my friends say its a good movie..
am actually trying fr di DVD .. hope i will find it :(

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