October 06, 2008

Kidnap. Meh.

I find it so hard to write about movies I feel indifferent to. I really wanted to love this one. I am a Sanjay Fangirl. I really like Minissha Lamba and I was very curious about Imran Khan (No, I haven´t been be able to watch JTYJN yet. I won´t until the DVD comes out).

But what is there to say when a movie just leave you "meh"?
Let´s try it that way:

What I liked.
- Most of the Action (except for Sanjays running. They should not let him run in the bad shape he was in while they were shooting the film)
- The twists in the story. Well, most of them.
- Imran.
- Minissha when she was allowed to do more than just being eyecandy/mannequin for skimpy clothes.
- Sanjay when he didn´t run.

What I didn´t like.
- Vidya Malvade. Autch. Too young. Too single-faced. Too awful.
- Sanjay when he ran.
- Minissha when she tried to be supersexy.
- The songs. Bleh. The opening song? Just wrong. The wedding anniversary song? Bollywood Fugly. The Item song? How very uninteresting. The lets-seduce-my-kidnapper song? Well, that was kinda sexy. But. How stupid can you be?

All characters and their story left me emotionally cold. I just couldn´t have cared less about anyone on screen. But then again. Sanjay Gadhvi is responsible for Dhoom and D:2. So what was I expecting?

All pics copyright to Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.


Anonymous said...

This had more comedy than loads of Indian comedies I have seen.
Remember when that bad ass security guy is chasing Imran and sprains his ankle? How girly was that?!
Loved it for the sheer imense improbability of the script. We giggled ourselves silly about how Imran must have dragged the unconscious kidnap victim out of the water and then put her into stripper clothes and slutty boots and last but not least he must have pulled out a belly chain cause that kinda outfit called for some blingy accessoiry. What a fashion-conscious kidnapper...
My verdict: So bad it's good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Babasko Rani.. Glad you didn't think much of the film, as I didn't either!

Ur Sanju baba was the ONLY decent thing here.

And Imran?? Dissapointing!!!
Wait till you see him in 'Jaane tu..'
He plays that role wonderfully...

Karen said...

I saw Drona instead. I'm not a fan of kidnapping movies in general.

Anonymous said...

I really like the movie Kidnap.It would have been very nice if Imran proposed Minisha in the last scene.Anyway good movie.

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