December 28, 2006

proof of life

Hi there,
A very late merry Christmas to all of you. I´m still alive, barely, it´s just that this years Christmas vacation turns out to be almost all work and no play. I´ve been acting the perfect bhabhi for the last 8 days - I don´t think I ever cooked that much food in my life and usually drop asleep face down every night.
But today we drove to Zurich, met
Marco, Sarkar and Nanndini. I love meeting the people behind the blogs and forumnicks. And afterwards I spent waaay to much money on Tamil DVDs. Love it. Got me some nice Surya, Simran, Jyothika and Bharath and tons - and with tons I mean 9 (nine!) Rajinikanth ones. Among others a movie with this scene

and Billa, the Rajini version of the (old) Don. Ohh. Can´t wait.

I will be back in Vienna on the 31st and having still one week with almost no office duty, all pending reviews will be coming up then.


babasko said...

i have the same problem with finding time to watch right now. not ONE film since dec 18th. *sigh*

Maja said...

Happy New Year :) And ditto re. time issues *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Tamil goodness! I love Surya and Jyothika, so will be looking forward to your reviews of those films.

I can't find the time to watch any new films, either. Sucks. But hopefully a bit later in 2007!

Anonymous said...

Where are you Babaji, for almost 10 days?

babasko said...

I´m back, just now. And though I´m weary of giving any predictions (to see how good I am at them read this and the last post LOL) I never want to go as long as I did without watching BW and blogging.

Thanx for missing me :D