December 28, 2006

proof of life

Hi there,
A very late merry Christmas to all of you. I´m still alive, barely, it´s just that this years Christmas vacation turns out to be almost all work and no play. I´ve been acting the perfect bhabhi for the last 8 days - I don´t think I ever cooked that much food in my life and usually drop asleep face down every night.
But today we drove to Zurich, met
Marco, Sarkar and Nanndini. I love meeting the people behind the blogs and forumnicks. And afterwards I spent waaay to much money on Tamil DVDs. Love it. Got me some nice Surya, Simran, Jyothika and Bharath and tons - and with tons I mean 9 (nine!) Rajinikanth ones. Among others a movie with this scene

and Billa, the Rajini version of the (old) Don. Ohh. Can´t wait.

I will be back in Vienna on the 31st and having still one week with almost no office duty, all pending reviews will be coming up then.


michael said...


wobei meine tamilvorräte voll sind und ich kaum zum schauen komme im moment. na bald ist wochenende.

babasko said...

i have the same problem with finding time to watch right now. not ONE film since dec 18th. *sigh*

Maja said...

Happy New Year :) And ditto re. time issues *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Tamil goodness! I love Surya and Jyothika, so will be looking forward to your reviews of those films.

I can't find the time to watch any new films, either. Sucks. But hopefully a bit later in 2007!

Anonymous said...

Where are you Babaji, for almost 10 days?

babasko said...

I´m back, just now. And though I´m weary of giving any predictions (to see how good I am at them read this and the last post LOL) I never want to go as long as I did without watching BW and blogging.

Thanx for missing me :D