December 12, 2006

Still no review. But I have an excuse...

Yeh kya hai? Universe seems to gang up against my writing the Love Love Love review....
Today the 2-disc Don DVD came and with it the "Free Don Comic Book Inside!" and so I of course had to watch the Extras.
Verdict: the "Making of" is terrible. Extremely bad sound, totally lame framestory, bad encoding. Feels like a very cheap first year filmstudents project.
So not up to par with the rest of the DVDs. The deleted scenes are interesting if not too many. Especially one nice encounter between Vijay/Don and Malik. Then there are some Bloopers, the theatrical trailer and a very weird claptrack.
Not much but miles apart from the Jaan-E-Mann DVD that has no extras except for the Trailer. Sirish, I seriously think about pulling my (very few and thin) ropes to find out why there is not even one tiny making-of/behind the scenes on the DVD. If one movie´s "How they did it" interested me, then it was this.

As to the technical quality of the Don feature DVD. Top-notch. Just as RDB or Lakshya, a superb digital transfer. Why oh why did LRM not come out on UTV?


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the Love Love Love review. It's the one with Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla, right? I am a huge Aamir fan... and I saw the movie when it first came out. It isn't one of his best but Juhi and Aamir make such a fabulous pair.

Also, a random question for you: How to do add the banner like yours, one that keeps changing, to a blog? I am quite computer illiterate when it comes to things like this but I think it makes for a really cool effect.

babasko said...

@d: the randon banner thing is a javascript that i copied from beth´s blog. is a short script to put in the header of your template and some html code in the body where you want it to show up. you´re already on beta-blogger, right? i have no idea how to make it work there. in fact i had no idea how to make it work here, but i got some help from a guy at work.
i you think i could help you some more, you´re very welcome to mail me at babasko at gmail dot com