February 20, 2007

Bollywoodbloggers. I´ve got good news and bad news.

For all those who felt a disturbance in the force on monday (15:00 GMT+1) -- that was me. Sorry. Isn´t it cool how when you get real angry all those curse words in any language you´ve ever learned come back?

So now let me give you the bad news. Bloody iDream moved the release date of the Bommarillo DVD from Feb 28th to March 7th and I am pretty sure that even with UPS it won´t reach Vienna in time. So we need a new movie to watch. Suggestions?

I know we will find a movie that we all will be happy with. So the bad news is not that bad. And the good news is really really good:

We will unveil the results of Marcos 4th ACEBA at a small and for sure funny awards ceremony during the evening event on the 10th. So anybody joining us will be able to get the result first. The rest of the world will have to wait until the 11th. No worries. There shall be pictures.


Indianoguy said...

Its bad that you are not going to watch "Bommarillu". Here are some suggestions
Aithe, Its a small movie with quite a few twists.
Anukokunda Oka Roju by the same film maker.

Unknown said...

khosla ka ghosla was the suprise hit of 2006, well did very well on a relatively small budget. I must watch ths.

BTW coming to Vienna to meet you guys sounds very tempting.

babasko said...

*startschantinginhypnoticvoice* oh yes, do come. you need to come. coming to vienna is good.


Anonymous said...


I've tried my best but I can't think of any new film that will be out on time and that none of us has already seen ... *sigh*

Maybe there's an obscure classic movie out there that nobody's ever heard of and which we can get in time??

Luvbeers said...

Can kaddvd.com overnight express deliver Bommarillu on the 8th? So you get it the 9th maybe?

Otherwise there are already bootlegs on the internet.

babasko said...

the very nice guys at idream got back to me and told me that they really only get the dvd´s on the 7th but they will send them the same day and we will hope for the best.

in the meantime we´ll be working on a plan B