February 03, 2007

Keemat - hehe *giggle*

I´ve been dying to get my hands on this one. I´ve read so much about the 90ies Saif/akshay movies and reading this brilliant post killed me. Thanks to my dear fellow BW fanatic Ruksi I now am the proud owner of Keemat and Mein Khiladi Tu Ananri (which has to wait for some other time to be watched). But now for Keemat.

Not much to say about the story. Two brothers. Smalltime crooks. But good at heart.
A terrible accident. A village in need. Some evil guys in fake beards and wigs. And our two crooks pushed into hero mode. Oh and there are some ladies for decoration somewhere too.

But what makes it special is the lead pair. Akshay Kumar and Sail Ali Khan. Sakshay. Now thats a Filmi Jodi. You´ve got to love´em. Even in a frightful terrible song like that:

Apart from Rajesh Roshans very weird concept of "borrowing" songs and other cineatic highlights at about 5:50 min and 6:15 min into this song, Keemat has a Sholay-ish story (very ok for me), Akshay with varying hair-length (funny), Saif with a mullet (me likes), some cool fights (nice),

some instant healing (clichee) and Saif in black leather (yummy).

Conclusion: Its as bad-ish as I hoped and way cooler then I could expect it to be. Dekho naa.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

That is awfully, awfully fabulous. Can we watch it when I visit? Is that actually a Hindi version of "Cotton-Eyed Joe"? I wonder what it says (I can but dare to dream the songs are subtitled; it seems a bit early for that). I think my favorite insane thing in the insane song is the glass tube with heart-shaped balloons floating around in it.

Anonymous said...

I am *so* glad you liked Keemat because the more people like Keemat the more proof I have I'm not completely crazy for enjoying it. The plot's ridiculous, the film's technically very bad (I fastforwarded plotty bits) but there is some hilarious comedy and hilarious songs and, well, Sakshay. They just rock, quite simply put. Did you enjoy the Leg on Fire fight scene? I know I did.

babasko said...

oh god the leg on fire scene. of course i did. its fantabulous.

umananda said...

wah- the most stupid and most hottest bollywood scene i have ever seen! thx babasko. also loved the brilliant sakshay post- it killed me two. but now i know god has a plan...

Ashley said...

Oh wow, that looks so awful it has to be funny! The hairstyles!! I will have to rent that one at the Indian grocery store. However, I fear it will only be available on VHS.