April 02, 2007

Do Raaste - beware of the greedy bahu

Ever get the feeling you should jump into the screen and yell at a character? Watch Do Raaste. There´re plenty of opportunities.

Meet the Gupta family. Dad died years ago, so the eldest son takes care of his stepmother, stepsister, two stepbrothers, his wife and kids.

Bahut pyaar hai. Aur bahut kam bhi. Since the elder of the stepbrothers studies abroad and that´s expensive. Lekin koi problem nahin hai. Mortage the house and wait until he comes home with a good job in store. Film khatm? Not by far.

Prem Chopra is not returning empty handed. There is this girl (Bindu) that also studied in the West. And there is her mom. And her useful advice. Like "you have to show them who´s the boss" and "seperate yourself from your in-law´s. that way you wont have any trouble" Thank you very much mom. Thank you for helping ruin the life of every member of this so far big, loving happy family.
The new bahu manages to insult everybody in the family. And poison her husbands mind. So everything falls apart.

Really. It get veeeery ugly. And as it is with too good people, they are helpless in the face of evil. Not even the sweet romance between the younger stepbrother (Rajesh Khanna) and the bura bahu´s sweet sister (Mumtaaz) can bloom the way it´s supposed to. And that´s a pity as we have some nice chemistry going on there.

So everything gets from bad to worse. And whenever you think "well, now Prem Chopra should see the light" bura bahu is there to spread more malice. Bleh.

At least the music is nice and we have Rajesh Khanna with and without facial hair. And some very chic late 60ies attire.

PS: Beware of the Baba Traders DVD if possible. It´s irritatingly blurry.


xoussef said...

sounds more like a character you would slap..

babasko said...

well, that too :D

Anonymous said...

That storyline sounds kind of familiar. Oh jah, There’s this movie with the beautiful house we all like so much - Om Jai Jagadish.


babasko said...

hehe. there were times while watching it, i felt the same, but OJJ is no real remake. it´s more like being inspired by this story

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, the naïveté of the characters is almost frightening and it works like a clockwork of family doom. But I still liked the film. "Khandan" (1965) is actually a better movie about a similar topic. But I guess you're not ready to enjoy another "family ruined by evil bitch and slimy Pran"-movie right now :)

babasko said...

Khandan? very good. *putsitonshoppinglist* but after drama and a candy overdose in the form of bommarillu it might have to wait a bit..

Anonymous said...

(Thanks for your in-between post. Let's try again. I wasn't able to do a douple posting before. But then again - I've just seen that I wrote my website link incorrectly, so it could have been that *dong dong*)


Well, my head is already in Easter mode - it's Pran in one and Prem Chopra in the other. But they play the same kind of guy anyway so I doesn't matter that much *g*

Anonymous said...

I just watched this for the first time today and was searching for stills and found your blog. (Bookmarked!) I was screaming at the television so much! :D

V. Manohar said...

Do Raaste is one of a classic and ever green movie of Super Star Rajesh Khanna