April 23, 2007

this is excactly why my teachers always told me to think before talking...

As I might have told you or not, I´m in more or less constant contact with mera accha dost Birgit who is roaming India at the moment. One morning (my time) came a rather hectic phonecall from Goa that went something like that:

"Hi, you won´t believe where I´m at"
"Don´t speak in riddles. Bolo na!"
"I stumbled upon a Bollywood filmshoot"

"No way"
"Where, what, who?"

"They are shooting a song sequence. It´s for a movie called Shaadi Ke After Effects with two actors called Arbaaz Khan and Mallaika Arora. Do we know them?"

"YES! We do. They are Salman´s brother and sister-in-law. How cool. You might know him from Hulchul and her as the item girl with SRK in Kaal"

and here is where the "think before you talk" part comes in

"Say hi to Arbaaz from me and tell him I really liked him in Hulchul"

"Haha. You want me to do that? Ok, I will tell him. Oh, they´re starting to shoot again. Got to go. Bye"

Oh. Wait! Rukh chao! Ahem. Immediate reassuring conversation with myself: "She´ll never do that. She´s not the kind of person to do that"

Do din ke baad. Skype. Birgit.

"I did it"
"You did what?"

"Told Arbaaz. He was flattered. Check your email."

And that is how I got my first autograph of a real Bollywood Star.


Anonymous said...

cooooool :))

Anonymous said...

Genial!! :-) Ein Autogramm von meinem Schwager!! So ist's recht!! lol ;-))

Daddy's Girl said...

Wow, that is SO super-cool... congratulations! I haven't seen 'Hulchul' but I kinda liked Arbaaz in 'Pyaar Kia To Darna Kia'.

Maja said...

eeep that's so cool! Birgit rocks! Do you think I could persuade her to stalk Abhishek for me? ;)

babasko said...

maja, i guess you might be able to stalk abhi yourself if the rumors come true and abhiaish honeymoon in venice...;-)

Anonymous said...

super :D

umananda said...

ooh no. venice?? i want to stalk abhishek.
well, maybe i try for uday @maini.
On the other hand i am sorry for Babasko, cause her first Bollywood-autograph is like second hand. well, "think before talking". samjay.

maaf kiche.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I once spotted Arbaaz while in a theatre in Mumbai. We had gone to see this movie..errr...I don't remember it's name now...

As soon as we saw Arbaaz our eyes followed to check if Malaika was around, but alas! She was not to be spotted! :(

We went back quite sad actually! :)