September 24, 2007

Outsourced - Go and watch it.

Picture this:
A small Seattle based mail-order company is selling patriotic kitsch to Americans. And then one day their whole call center is being outsourced to India. Todd (Jeff Hamilton), the call-center manager, has no real option than going to India to train his replacement if he wants to keep working for his company. So he goes. And he´s forced to jump head-first into a life altering adventure. Having to adapt to cultural differences, wandering cows, endearing call-center employees, love and the pressure from his company at home.

Sounds corny? Not by far! It´s quite the opposite.

John Jeffcoat made a movie that captured the audience at the opening screening in Stuttgart in its first 5 minutes. (Like predicted by the german distributor before the film).
It´s funny. Very funny actually. Endearing. Smart. Schnuffelig. With a great cast (Ayhesha Dharker, Asif Basra and Jeff Hamilton in peticular) And apart from a few scenes, shot entirely in/around Mumbai.

One great thing about Outsourced is,that it is a true "cultural-crossover" film. Some reviews compare it to "My big fat Greek wedding", a statement that only true in parts. As here Jeffcoat took the American guy and put him through the "real" thing. Not only a westernized Immigrant suburb.
And really everbody in Stuttgart seemed to love it. The German Bollywood fan crowd, the Arthouse film buffs who usually frown upon mainstream movies, the Indian filmi-people. Some have been in India before and had a deja-vu experience on some of the scenes and others who only knew life in Mumbai out of movies or the news. You could sense from the timing of their laughter where the various groups sat in the cinema hall. No surprise that it won the Audience Award...

Starting September 26th it is opening on a limited release across the USA. So, anyone who has not seen Outsourced yet and lives in the vicinity of these movie theaters just needs to go and watch it. A post on the movies blog also announced a release in Germany this autumn. And there are plans for a release in India too.

Got curious? Here´s a link the
trailer and the movie´s website


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this review. :)
After a lot of positive reviews I think this film is really worth a watch. Nice that it's releasing now. But I can't imagine that it'll release in Germany this fall. It sounds to good to be true! :)

umananda said...

awesome trailer :D

xoussef said...

exactly the kind of movies i truly enjoy, but sadly, i don't think it will ever be released here...

I'll have to wait for a pirate version ^^ (bad bad me)

Anonymous said...

lets hope it gets a sleeper hit like my big fat greek wedding, then it should get a wider release and maybe even reach morocco..... :D

Anonymous said...


Sorry to use your comments, but I didn't know how to contact you.

I was wondering, would you be interested in a link exchange? We've already added you, so no pressure, but it would be great if you added us too.


Anonymous said...

Outsourced will hit theaters in Germany this April! Keep your eyes open. Don't know about Morocco...

More info here: