July 19, 2007

why I´m late with the write-up..

I´m not lazy. Well I am, but thats not the reason why I had no time to write more about Stuttgart yet. Rita Rani, a filmmaker who was in Stuttgart with her shortfilm "Bombay Skies" just came to Vienna for 2 days with her parents and we were roaming the city doing heavy sightseeing and chatting and more chatting. But don´t dispair. The post is coming soon. Kasam se.


Anonymous said...

Are Yaar, mujhe lagta hai ki tum sachmuch lazy ho.

Koi bhi... Kya karen...

Anonymous said...

Haan Bilkul!!!
Kitne din hue..koi 'write up' nahin!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Barbara,

Found about you on AOL India. Wonderful articles. How can i get in touch with you?

My email is rocker_arj@yahoo.com. Or website: arjunanant.com..


Anonymous said...

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Movie Mazaa said...

This is to let you know that my blog address has changed to http://moviezmazaa.blogspot.com/

Hope you are doing good!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Babasko,

I remembered that you had a blog. I went to Graz with you and Babsy. I think your blog looks fantastic! I am thinking of getting into camera work for film. Is that what you do? I could remember if it was sound or editing.

Kate (katierushton24@hotmail.com)

Good luck with all your work!

Maja said...

*poke* come on come on, we're curious about this write up :)

Sharon said...

Hallo Babasko!

Ich bin jetzt in Wien! Sehr schoen hier! :-D

Movie Mazaa said...

Arre baba!!
Kahan gaye aap??

laura said...

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Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm really curios about your article too, so hurry up! :) I wasn't in Stuttgart this year and so I'm horrible interested to know something about it. ;)