May 21, 2006

"Geraftaar" or smoking kills and mustaches can be irritating

This has to be one of the trashiest smoking scenes in history. Husain (Rajnikanth), policewala and Karans (Amitabh Bachchan) foster brother, is being ambushed on the initiative of mustache guy (Kader Khan). Its just so cool. There is this 5 minutes fight during which Husain keeps a lit cigarette in his mouth. All the time!!

All through some somersaults, some neat kung-fu moves and right until his last breath. He has even the time to take a pull while he stumbles around fatally wounded.
What a guy!

Oh yes, mustache guy is great too.

Geraftaar is pure 80ies trash with some cool moves from Amitabh and Kamal Hassan. The story is just another masala "brother looses/finds brother and together they right the wrong". But there are also some weird jewels like Michael Jackson riffs in some of the songs. I believe to have heard "wanna be startin´ somethin´" and "Billie Jean". To top it off you get a little (sort of scary) flashdance thingy and this:


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Anonymous said...

hi wich song is that on background ....Rajnikanth (Husain) where he die he sayed allahu ekber this secene,weher can i found that ,melodie