May 13, 2006

I´m getting old

As far as I remember going out all night and "dancing the night away" used to maybe result in a slight hangover. Somehow sometime ago that must have changed. I don´t remember when my knees and hip hurt that bad. Pathetic. A little Bhangra, some hours of Bollywood style dancing and I almost could not walk down the stairs from the bedroom Saturday morning. Friday night we went to "pure Bollywood" one of the two bi-monthly Bollywood clubbings here in Vienna. And before that we had our weekly danceclass. For those interested we later did our "Bole Chudiyan" choreography when the song was played during the evening. We did not bump into each other this time. So that´s an improvement. And nobody laughed. Let´s specify. Nobody laughed about us. They laughed with us. I´m sticking with that. Bas!

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