August 06, 2006

Omkara - Jealousy is a b****

Oh my. Saif. How could you. And then with those bad teeth too.

I just came home from the screening of Omkara. And I loved to hate Langda. Vikram Bharadwaj did not disappoint me with what he made of Othello. But since there are so many very cool Omkara reviews out there already like Maria´s(German), Filmiholic´s, Velu´s I will not get into storyline details or direction. Instead here are some random thoughts that shot into my mind while watching it. (Twice btw. went from one show directly into the other)

  • the "General" nomination scene. Ajay very very yummi. Kajol has a very nicely build husband at home. Indeed. And the hairy neck triangle thing of Viveik is gross.
  • Bhaisaab is extremely scary. Imagine meeting him in real life. And needing something from him. Terrifying thought.
  • Saifs acting is sooo good/1. Take the nomination scene. What happens in his face when Kesu gets the job.
  • Neither Dolly nor Indu have any talent for pillow talk.
  • Taking about pillow talk. The "am I a wolf or a ssssserpent" line was very hot.
  • "I just called to say I love you" - Pathetic. I don´t think Ajay needed to act in that scene.
  • Saifs acting is sooo good/2. Take the lake scene. His comic timing is impeccable.
  • I need that black blanket of Omi. Thats so my way of dressing.
  • Does anybody else see that Omkara digs his own grave with the demand of evidence to Langda at the train scene?
  • What happend to the smoking ban in movies? Haan I know it was necessary for the plot. But one could easily have ignited the brawl with any other thing. And why has nobody mentioned it or complained yet?
There´s much more that just doesn´t come to my mind right now. So maybe I will add to that list later.
Let me end this post with: I loved the cast. Everyone of them. I loved the screenplay.The language. The scenery. The cinematography. The lights. The music. The costumes. It could have done with a bit tighter editing though. Some cuts are in dire need of trimming. But for the rest...can´t wait to get my hands on the DVD. I need to see it again.


Movie Mazaa said...

Glad that u liked it. the way it has sunk at the box-office, i was starting to wonder if there was something seriously wrong with my sensiblities, hehehe...


Maja said...

Maaaaan, I so want to see this!! Maybe I can still catch it in London ... Otherwise I'll have to wait for the DVD.

Anonymous said...

Hi babasko (is that your real name?)

You complete the bollywood bloggers' trinity for me, along with filmiholic and Maja!

babasko said...

no, LOL

its barbara :-)

and thanx for the compliment

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

get the EROS DVD of Omkara. It looks much better. Truer to the way the movie looked on screen. Nice and dark.

babasko said...

in fact I have and I am very dissapointed with it. The optical quality is ok, but sound is a catastrophy. music constantly changes between mono and stereo and the dialoges are only on one side - impossible to listen to with headphones on....

Anonymous said...

Let me correct you babasko....Omkara's director is Vishal Bharadwaj not Vikram Bharadwaj.

babasko said...

oh. hehe. right. typo. thanx for pointing it out :D