August 15, 2006

Sajaan - Sacrifice is bliss

Now this is my kind of movie. Just look at that! Dekho naa!

Sigh. My boys. Their hair. Sooo sweet. And a terribly dramatic story. Well not really, but I´m distracted here. Show some compassion.
Physically handicapped orphan befriends little rich boy. Gets adopted and lots of love and care from his new family. Grows up to be manager of daddys company while his brother (and still best friend) enjoys life and "the ladies". New assignment lands him in hillstation and in love with Madhuri Dixit. But being handicapped and adopted and featuring way too little self-esteem he only loves her from afar in form of his poetry which he writes under the name of Sadar. In good old Cyrano de Bergerac tradition Madhuri of course always not only loved the poetry but also the poet Sadar. And so, when she wants to meet him, Sanjay gets Salman to pretend to be Sadar.

And finds out that Salman loves Madhuri as well and so he "sacrifices his love on the altar of friendship" but Salman finds out too and "sacrifices his love on the altar of friendship" right in return. Enter Madhuri who kicks their saricfices right back in their faces. So who will get her? Salman? Sanjay? Neither? Both?

I know there is probably no understanding in hamare duniya for my hair-fethish but let me tell you: Its a wonderful world I live in. And I don´t care if I live in it all alone. Bah.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

We each have our own little lust-based Bollywood world, I think. And more power to you! And you have to email me and tell me how this one ends - I am strangely intrigued.

babasko said...

well I would have hoped for a "both" ending, but that would have been too progessive I guess ;-)

so its a first come first served ending

Movie Mazaa said...

Ah!! Now this is a movie that I hv watched a million times just for one reason. On second thoughts, two. Madhuri and the awesomeeeeeeeeeeee songs that have been a rage ever since.


babasko said...

i´ve seen it quite often too so far, and you´re right. the songs are great. and madhuri too. but my heart belongs to sanjubaba :-)

Unknown said...

Love is a good thing for every relationship, no matter what the cause of love is, it is always good to have a story that reads very well.